The Quarterly Changbi 198 (Winter 2022)



Questions Following the Halloween Disaster / Baik Ji-yeon


Feature: Wisdom in Literature in Time of Crisis

Hwang Jung-a / Literature That Prepares Us for the Future

Kim Mi Jung / You Begin to See Other Things When You Change Your Questions: Reading Stories of Labor in Recent Narratives

Yang Kyung Eon / A Time in Need of Lyric Poetry: Confronting Climate and Ecological Crisis

Kim Yong-hui / On Feelings in Time of Civilizational Change: Poets’ Sensibilities and Novelists’ Imagination



Kim Keun / There, To Not Be

Nam Kil Soon / The Boa Constrictor and the Afternoon

Moon Dong Man / A Shovel

Yun Hye Ji / Two Stations Before

Lee Moon-jae / Telephone Numbers of the Dead

Lee So-youn / Pretending Not To Know

Lee Sumyeong / Visitors to Their Ancestral Graves Wear Bright-Colored Clothes

Lee Jung gi / A Day in March 2022

Lee Hwon / His Way Home

Cho Jung / Yang Guan

Cha Doha / Convulsed with Laughter

Choi Back Kyu / From the Summer of That Year



Kim Yi Jeong / Manyudang

Park Min-gyu / Tinker Bell

Park Seolyeon / I, I, Madeleine

Lee Seo Su / Dance Is Forever

Lee Jae Eun / People Who Raise

Lee Ju-Hye / The Seasons Are Short, But Memories Are Everlasting (Installment #4)


Focus on Author            Jeong Ji A, Father’s Liberation Notes

Lim Hyeon / To Tell Again and Again, Until the Patterns Disappear



Choi Won-sik / A Bold Hypothesis and a Timid Verification: On Reading Lim Hyung-taek’s Theories of East Asian Narratives and the History of Korean Fiction

Moon Jangnyeol / Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsula: Possible Imaginings and Impossible Countermeasures


On the Scene


Ha Seung Soo / Election System Reform, How to Achieve it?: Sensible Strategies and Realizable Alternatives



Kang Yisoo, Kim Hyun Mee, Paik Young-Gyung, Eum Hyejin / Feminists, Change Universities!


Literary Criticism

In A-Young / Endings in Stories: Death in Narratives and Realism in Looping Time


Literary Focus

Kim Seon Ae, Ahn Sang-hak, Lim Jeong Gyun / Noteworthy Books of This Season



Kim Bong Jun / Art of Madang Culture, the Grit of the Candlelight Revolution

Bak Daewoo / A Walk (Where I Live 4)


Book Reviews

Lee Inhye / Yasuda Koichi and Kanai Maki, War and Bath House

Kim Hang / Kim Jong-yup, Time in a Blaze

Hyun Jaehwan / Arturo Escobar, Pluriverse

Jeong Sang Ho / Lee Hae-chan, Memoirs of Lee Hae-chan

Cheon Byung-You / Choi Byung-Cheon, Good Inequality

Choi Jaein / Angela Y Davis, Women, Race, and Class

Kim Kwanwook / Arthur Kleinman, The Illness Narratives

Kim Dae-hyun / Kim Sun-nam, Right To Form a Family

Jeon Jon-Wook / Kim Young-Oak, Do-ol’s Explanations of the Book of Changes

Jung Hongsoo / Kang Kyung-seok, Reloading Reality

Bok Do-Hoon / Jang Jung-il and Han Young-in, Although This Letter Goes to Jeju Island, I Cannot

Nam Sang-wook / Alexander Key, The Incredible Tide


Announcement of the Winners of the 37th Manhae Prize in Literature

Main Prize / Kim Myung-ki, I Was There Standing Like a Person With Nowhere to Return

Special Prize / Planned by the group Beminor, Jeong Chang-jo, et. al, The World That Met Last Words: Martyrs for the Liberation of the Disabled, Those Who Stay on After Death


Announcement of the Winner of the 24th Baeksok Prize for Literature

Jin Eun-young, I Love You Like an Old Street And


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices