[Feature] The ‘Roll Back’ Strategy of the Reactionaries and the Project of ‘The Great Change’ in Civil Society / Lee Nam Ju


The Quarterly Changbi 171, Spring 2016



Lee Nam Ju, the new vice editor-in-chief and professor of politics, diagnoses that the critical situation the Korean society faces today is mainly caused by the inability of democratic-reformative forces to cope with the relentless counter-attack of the reactionary-conservative forces, who are in desperate need to sustain the division system on the Korean Peninsula. In order to fight against the “creeping coup d’état” by the reactionary forces trying to destroy the democratic governance, the opposition parties and civil society alike should establish the project of “the great change”, including overcoming the 1987 System, and carry out their respective duties in the upcoming general election. And we could thereby avoid repeating the mistakes of the democratic governments for the past ten years followed by the reactionary era, and enhance the position of the Korean Peninsula, in world politics, not to mention of that of South Korea.