The Quarterly Changbi 172, Summer 2016



A Case for Transformational Centrism to Surpass the 1987 System / Lee Nam Ju


Voice of Readers _ What Readers Expect from Changbi

The Significance of Changbi from the Perspective of a Cooperative Movement / Kim Hyung-mi, Lee Il-young

The Role of the Intellectual Journal in the Era of Decentralization / Lee Dong-ki, Baik Ji-woon


Special Selection of New Poetry by 25 Poets

Kim Jung-hwan, Nam Jin-woo, Kim Su-yeul, Lee Moon-jae, Ko Jae-jong, Jang Jung-il, Hwang In-sook, Jeon Dong-gyoon, Jeong Hwa-Jin, Jang Seok-nam, Huh Soo-kyung, Jeong Byung-keun , Jo Eun, Ham Min-bok, Kim Ki-taek, Ra Heeduk, Um Won-tae, Choi Jeongrye, Ham Seong-ho, Park Sang-soon, Park Hyung-jun, Lee Won, Choi Young-mi, Kim So Yeon, Jo Ki-jo



A Brief Compilation History of Byungsan-eup Genealogy / Jo Kap-sang

Dimly, Until Dawn / Jung Mi-kyung

#Ennui_Lee Sang / Park Sarang

You Don’t Dare to Know (Novella) / Kwon Yeo-sun


Feature _ Korean Literature Fighting Against “the Closed Future”

Recharging the Reality: the Other People, New Reality, and “Korean Literature” / Kang Kyung-seok

Two Ways to Endure the Anxiety of the World / Han Young-in

Some Poems Believing in the Possibility of ‘Real Life’: How Recent Poems Depict Perspectives on Life / Yang Kyung-urn

Dreaming ‘Out-of-Korea’ in ‘Hell-Korea’: the Counterattack of Neoliberal-Type New Humanity / So Young-hyun


Dialogue _ The Inside of ‘The Conservative Forces’ in Korea (2)

Korean Armed Forces Out of Democratic Control / Kim Jong-dae, Yeo Seok-ju, Lee Tae-ho


Literary Criticism

The Botanic Subjectivity and the Communal Imagination: From The Vegetarian to Human Acts: the Trajectory and Significance of the Novels by Han Kang / Shin Saetbyeol

“The Wilderness”, Yooksa’s Verbal Will: “I Will Not Rest in Peace” / Do Jin-soon


Focus on Authors _ Song Kyung-dong’s Collection of Poems: I Am Not a Korean

A Man Tightening the Mind with Tools / Park So-ran


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Kim So-yeon, Kim Young-chan, Baik Ji-yeon



Three Exempla of the Modern History of South Korea, Same but Different Routs: On the Memoirs of Kim Jong-pil, Lee Jong-chan, and Imm Chai-kyung / Han Hong-koo

The Progress of the Research on the Japanese Army’s “Comfort Women” in Korea / Kang Jung-sook


On the Scene

After the General Election, We Ask Directions for Civil Politics / Jung Hyun Gon


On the Scene_ Diagnosing Korean Society From the Viewpoint of Minorities (2)

How to Make the Immigrants’ Citizenship More Democratic / Yang Hye-woo



A Question Put Forth in the Second Spring after the Sewol Ferry Disaster / Miryu


Book Reviews

Kim Jong-yup and others, Social Science After the Sewol Ferry Disaster / Park Jin-woo

David Graeber, The Utopia of Rules & Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology / Fujii Takeshi

Kim Hak-chul, The Joy of Things That Are Not / Jung Yong-taeck

Kim Joong-mi, It is Better To Have More Flowers / Kim Ji-eun

Lim Eun-kyung, The Critical Biography of Park Sang-pyo / Jeon Chi-hyung

Shin Ji-young, The Minority Commune / Lee Jung-jin

Azma Hiroki, The Ontological, the Postal / Jin Tae-won

Park Myung-gyu & Baik Ji-woon ed., Thinking of the Reunification and Peace on Either Side of the Strait / Kim Yun-chul


The Editor’s Eye

Losing Labor and Politics, Sympathizing With Yoon Dong-ju / Kim Sun-ah


The Quarterly Changbi Award for a Novel in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary

Keum Tae-hyun, Mango Square