[Feature] Recharging the Reality: the Other People, New Reality, and ‘Korean literature’ / Kang Kyung-seok


The Quarterly Changbi 172, Summer 2016



Kang Kyung-seok, the literary critic, continuing Hwang Kyoo-Kwan’s discussion in the previous issue, delves into literary discourse for the people today. He insists that ‘the people’, in the present era, should be an indicating concept for us, because we are desperately in search of ‘other world(s)’ and solidarity; it refuses to be confined within the boundary of ‘the deprived’, and rather, should be expanded to ‘the people’, not only recognizing each other, but also willingly responding to the suffering of other people. Moreover, he goes on to contemplate the ways Korean literature can explore the future, by reviewing today’s literary practice focusing on such concepts as ‘the people’ and ‘the reality’.