[Feature] Some Poems Believing in the Possibility of ‘Real Life’: How Recent Poems Depict Perspectives on Life / Yang Kyung-urn


The Quarterly Changbi 172, Summer 2016



Refuting the lethargic tendency found in recent poems, Yang Kyung-urn, the literary critic, elaborates on her arguments that the new poems by Hwang In-chan, Lim Sol-a, Jung Han-na, and Jeon Moon-young, among others, offer successful examples of coping with the present reality, demonstrating their political competence, and suggesting the prospects for the future. More stressed in her argument is the political perspective in re-reading contemporary poems by the aforementioned poets. It is not until the poetic subjects have overcome the limitations of the primary contemplation, as well as the fictitious way of the metaphoric description of the world, that they begin to call in question what they really are, and then be involved into the process to overcome the problems here and now.