[Feature] On Dreaming ‘Out-of-Korea’ in ‘Hell-Korea’: the Counterattack of Neoliberal-Type New Humanity / So Young-hyun


The Quarterly Changbi 172, Summer 2016



So Young-hyun, the literary critic, inquires into the self-contradictory, or concealed logic of the often-mentioned terms such as ‘Hell-Korea’ and ‘Out-of-Korea’, by a proper analysis of the contradictions those terms entail. What draws our special attention is her acute analysis on the novels by Jang Kang-myung and Park Min-jung, two promising writers, with their penetrating insight into the harsh lives of the young generation. In this article, the author criticizes the ‘new humanity’ depicted in the stories, who are transgressing the boundaries by changing citizenships at will, for they are no other than the by-products of the governing tactic of neo-liberalism to keep all the subversive, or transforming attempts within the system.