The Quarterly Changbi 173, Autumn 2016



Change Does Not Come from ‘One Way or Another’ / Paik Young-kyung


Voice of Readers _ What Readers Expect from Changbi

We Hope Changbi Remains as the Democratic Stronghold with the Spirit of Public Service / Cho Hi-yeon, Kim Taewoo

For a Journal Walking Together with More Friends / Ryu Han-seung, Han Young-in


Feature _ Capitalism in Crisis, Momentum for Change

Special InterviewHow Does Capitalism Work, and Where Are China and the World Headed? / David Harvey & Paik Nak-chung

Realization Crises and the Transformation of Daily Life / David Harvey

The Path of Education Reform to Challenge the Global Capitalism / Kim Jong-yup

The Revolt of Body and Memory: Resisting the Urbanization of the Capital / Seo Young-pyo

Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, and Capitalism / Lee Pil-Ryul


Special Selection of New Poetry by 25 Poets

Jeon Dae-ho, Lee Soo-myung, Moon Dong-man, Jo Yeon-ho, Moon Tae-jun, Kim Sun-Woo, Jung Jae-hak, Kwon Hyuk-woong, Kim Hae-ja, Lee Yeung-gwang, Son Tack-su, Kim Kyung-hu, Kim Keun, Kim Urn, Shin Hae-wook, Kim Min-jung, Lee Jun-kyu, Jin Eun-young, Park Sung-woo, Shin Yong-mok, Song Kyung-dong, Kim Yi-deum, Choi Keum-jin, Ann Hyun-mi, Ko Young-min, Han Yeun-hee (the winner of Changbi New Poet Award)



Do You Remember? / Jung Hwa-jin

Joy / Ki Jun-young

What to Do Today / Lee Joo-hye (the winner of Changbi Short Story Award for Young Writers)

The Rainy Street (novella) / Kim Um-ji


Literary Criticism

Factory vs. Homeland: The Complete Works of Park Young-keun / Hwang Hieon-sann

Restarting the Journey for a Bustling Literature / Kim Josup


Focus on Authors _ Han Soo-san, Goonham-do

Beyond Death and Brutality: the Report of Sealed Truth / Shim Jin-kyung


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Kim So-yeon, Park Jun, Baik Ji-yeon


Dialogue _ The Inside of ‘The Conservative Forces’ in Korea (3)

The Operating Mechanism of Conservative Civil Organizations / Lee Nami, Jung Hwan-bong, Fujii Takeshi, Jung Hyun Gon



The Geopolitical Economics of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative / Hsu Jinn-yuh

The Great Change in Terms of Social Movements in Japan / Oshikawa Jun


On the Scene _ Diagnosing Korean Society From the Viewpoint of Minorities (3)

Toward the Queer Citizenship / Na Young-jung


Book Reviews

Kim Hyung-su, The Critical Biography of Sotaesan, the Founding Master of Won-Buddhism / Park So-jung

Lee Young-jun,The Sense of the Space / Jeon Chi-hyung

Bao Ninh & others, The Secret Waves / Son Hong-kyu

Thomas Pynchon, Vineland / Kim Sung-jung

Lim Ok-hee, The Politics of Gender Feelings / Kim Su-yeon

Song Je-sook, South Koreans in the Debt Crisis: The Creation of a Neoliberal Welfare Society / Jin Tae-won

Kim Shi-jong, Living in Chosun and Japan / Kawk Hyung-deok

Kim Young-hee, The Epic of the Berlin Wall / Lim Eul-chool


The 34th SHIN DONG-YUP Literary Award

Ann Hee-yeon, When Your Grief Cuts In

Keum Hee, My Home Not Found in the World


The 2016 Changbi Literary Award for Young Writers

Han Yeun-hee (poet)

Lee Joo-hye (novelist)