[On the Scene] What Has Been Changed and Should Be Done by the Candlelight Revolution / Park Won-soon

The Quarterly Changbi 176, Summer 2017



The first article On the Scene is contributed by Park Won-soon, mayor of Seoul city, who rendered services to the public at the square and the area surrounding downtown during the Candlelight protests. He owes the birth of “Citizens’ Democracy” to the fact that the voluntary struggle is basically to protect the value of democratic republic, the first article of the Constitution, the Candlelight Revolution demonstrates the power of peaceful protests, without precedent in world history, and the wave of citizen action ousted the corrupt president in office, abiding only by the democratic system and process. Furthermore, Korean people will be facing such demanding challenges as “the political reform”, “youth suffrage”, “constitutional revision for decentralization”, and “the democratization of economy”. He also proposes that the “new citizens” born in the middle of the Candlelight Revolution should transform the democracy at the square into the democracy of daily life from now on.