The Quarterly Changbi 176, Summer 2017



Toward the Next Stage of the Candlelight Revolution / Kim Jong-yup


Feature _ Reading Literature from the Perspective of Feminism

Feminist Criticism and the Perspective to Interpret “Hate” / Baik Ji-yeon

It is Time for New “Side Effects” to Revive: Some Poetic Passages of Feminism for All / Kim Su-i

Queer and Beyond: Normative Gender in Korean Short Stories in the 2010s / Cha Mi-ryeong


Project _ The Moon Jae-in Administration and the Turning of an Era

Key Tasks of the New Administration to Contribute to Turning of an Era / Lee Nam Ju

Let’s Start to Change the Economic Paradigm Right Now / Jun Sung-in

For a Peaceful Korean peninsula: We Should Find Solutions in the Inter-Korean Relations / Jung Hyun Gon



Looking for a Station Employee / Kim Kyung-mi

A Song, Water Spiders / Kim Joon-tae

For Us / Kim Haeng-sook

A Mouse Is Gnawing a Turnip / Moon Sung-hae

Unagi / Min Gu

The Clear and Balmy Season / Park Kyung-hee

With a Voice of Love / Park Pan-seek

Andong / Ahn Do-hyun

A Faraway Canned Food / Ahn Mi-ok

One Winter Night / Yu Yong-joo

Playing a Game of Pro-North Korea / Lee Dong-woo

On Pain / Jang Chul-moon

Spring Rain / Jo Hye-eun



Kyung-ae‘s Mind (Installment #2) / Kim Geum-hee

A PC User’s Life Story / Gu Byeong-mo

Particular Loneliness of a Very Trivial Hero / Kim In-sook

A Snow Cloud / Jung Yong-jun


Dialogue _ The Task of Our Time: To Reform the Prosecution

Park Geun-yong, Seok Jin-hwan, Im Soo-bin, Jung Yeon-soon



Candlelights and Taegeukgi / Kwon Yeo-sun


On the Scene

What Has Been Changed and Should Be Done by the Candlelight Revolution / Park Won-soon

Struggles of Local Communities against the Nation and the Military Bases: On the Anti-Base Movement in Seongjoo / Jung Young-shin



A Global Crisis and the Counter-strategies of China: One Trend, Two Conservatives, & Three Strategies / Won Tiejun (trans. by Kim Jin-gong)

Reconstructing the June Democracy Movement: Looking Back from the perspective of the Candlelight Spirit / Kim Tae-woo


Focus on Author _ Park Sang-soon’s Collection of Poems Sad Potato 200g

We all will be like Sang-soon / Kim Hyun


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Son Taek-su, Yoon Sung-hee, Jung Ju-a


Literary Criticism

Thomas Pynchon and the 1960s / Lee Jung-jin

Keenly-feeling Subjectivity, Words beyond the Border between Existence and Non-existence / Kim Na-young


Book Reviews

The Complete Works of Jo Young-kwan / Paik Moo-san

Mahmood Mamdani, Define and Rule: Native as Political Identity / Lee Ok-soon

Thomas Mann, Lotte in Weimar / Rhu Shin

Paik Seung-wook, Thinking Marx / Kim Dong-soo

Moon Seung-sook & others, Over There: Living with the U.S. Military Empire from World War Two to the Present / Lee Dong-ki

Kim Ho-dong, A Bible Story Written by a Historian & Kim Ki-heung, Historical Jesus / Lee Eun-sun

Mari Ruti, The Age of Scientific Sexism / Ha Dae-cheong

Hervé Guibert, Ghost Image / Yang Hyo-sil


Reader Reviews

Reading Reliable Short Stories / Noh Tae-hoon

Changbi, Our Guide Cultivating the Square of Daily Life / Lee Seung-joon