[Feature] For the Politics of New Feminist Narratives / Shim Jin-kyung

The Quarterly Changbi 178, Winter 2017



Shim Jin-kyung examines new impacts on literary imagination recent Hashtag activism and feminist debates have made in South Korea. She emphatically underscores the collective way in which recent sexual violence allegations by female victims have been made. The cases of these allegations have also caused changes in the way of literary representation when it comes to the relationship between man and woman. By comparing Years, Kim Hyung-kyung’s novel written in the 1990s, with Kang Hwa-gil’s Others (2017), she presents their varying points in literary representations of sexual violence mainly in the historical context, and goes on to clarify the questions at issue and limitations in regard to the sexual politics of feminist literature. It is notable that she critically examines the tendencies for social movements and literary conventional representations associated with them to be subject to victim-centered approaches and “feminist identity check-up”.