[Feature] Reconstruction of Demos and the Poetry / Hwang Kyoo-kwan

The Quarterly Changbi 178, Winter 2017



Hwang Kyoo-kwan finds out, from the process of the Candlelight Democracy, the double spiral structure of aspiration to sustain the accomplishment in the past age and to get out of its oppression at the same time. The Candlelight protests are estimated as mixed strains of contradictory voices to complete the ’87 system on one hand and to accuse and overcome the oppressive elements hidden in it on the other. He especially notes the emergence of libido going beyond the ‘87 system. On the other hand, he criticizes the tendency of recent poems to lapse into excessive signification or stale conventional language. In this article, the poems by Lee Dong-woo, Kim Sun-hyang, and Kwon Sun-hee are acclaimed for their endeavor to conceive poetic germination with new body, by extricating themselves from conventional political poetry, abstruse poetry, as well as lyric poetry.