The Quarterly Changbi 178, Winter 2017



The Task of Embodying the Voices of the Square in an Everyday Revolution / Baik Ji-yeon


Feature_Korean Literature in the Light of the Candlelight Revolution

Literature in the Era of Candlelight Democracy / Han Ki-wook

For the Politics of New Feminist Narratives / Shim Jin-kyung

Reconstruction of Demos and Poetry / Hwang Kyoo-kwan



Making the World Equal through Equal Process / Rebecca Solnit & Paik Young-Gyung



Chungryang-ri / Kim Myung-ki

Catfish / Kim Myung-in

A Get-well Visit / Kim Sai

Waterfalls Dropping from Autumn Cliffs / Kim Ahn

Please / Kim Jin-wan

A Ceiling / Yu I-woo

A Stairway Descending between Broken Clocks / Lee Kyung-rim

The Taste of Sin / Lee Min-ha

A Song of the Vegetable Garden / Lee Jin-Myung

A Skin / Chae Gil-woo

The Twilight of One’s Life 1 / Ha Jong-oh

Handed-down Sleep / Huh Eun-shil



Kyung-ae’s Mind (Installment #4) / Kim Geum-hee

The Last Love Song / Kim Bong-gon

Quiet and Still Days / Kim Se-hee

Snow in April / Sohn Won-pyung

The Guardianship / Pyun Hye-young


Focus on Authors_The Collection of Poems by Lee Si-young Hadong

Work of Water, Work of Poems / Park Jun



Commons and a New System: Searching for an Alternative / Lee Il-young


On the Scene

Is Democracy in Progress?: An Assessment of the Performance of the Public Debate Committee on Shin Kori 5 and 6 / Ha Seung-soo

The Twilight of Local Literature / Lee Sun-wook


Literary Criticism

Criticism in Crisis and Aesthetic Ethics of Poetry: ‘Parrhesia of Poems’ by Poets in the 2010s / Lee Sung-hyuk

Democracy, Literature and In/Outside of the Constitution / Nam Sang-wook


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Kim Sung-joong, Park So-ran, Han Young-in



As if Writing Down the Words in My Heart / Han Kang


Book Reviews

Hazel Smith, North Korea: Markets and Military Rule / Koo Kab-woo

Science Magazine Epi (the initial issue) / Ha Dae-cheong

E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Der Sandmann / Sung Eun-ae

Kang In-chul’s Religion and the Military / Choi Hyung-mook

Timothy Mitchell’s Carbon Democracy / Ku Joon-mo

Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction / Yang Seung-hoon

Ed. Kim Min-jung & Kim Kyung-mi’s Multi-culturalism and Feminism / Yang Hyo-sil

Tom Nichols’s The Death of Expertise / Yoon Bo-ra


Reader Reviews

Focusing on Urgent Problems Here and Now / Youn Hong-bae

A Plague Doctor Beak Mask / Ryu Jin


The 32nd MANHAE Literary Award

_ the main prize / Kim Jung-hwan, Place Names Subsided Into My Body (The Collection of Poems)

_ the special prize / recorded by Hwang Seok-young, Lee Jae-eui, Jeon Yong-ho, Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkness of the Age


The 19th PAIKSOK Literary Award

Shin Yong-mok, When Somebody Calls Somebody, I Looked Back (The Collection of Poems)