[Feature] Various Regional Gaps: Their Problems and How to Solve Them / Jeong Jun Ho

The Quarterly Changbi 185, Autumn 2019



A professor in the Department of Real Estate at Kangwon National University, Jeong Jun Ho illuminates the reality and causes of the current regional inequality, when the regional asset gap intensifies, and discusses its political and economic significances and possible policy directions to overcome them. Currently, the gap between the city and country, large cities and small or mid-sized ones, and the greater Seoul area and other regions are overlapping in Korea, resulting in both a severe decline in the areas falling behind and a decline of developed areas. He argues that in order to effectively confront this space fetishism, which replaces a socio-economic issue with a regional one, we need policy reforms that give more decision-making power to local residents and that maximize unused potential in a region.