The Quarterly Changbi 186, Winter 2019



What Should “Governance Overseers” Desire? / Hwang Jung-a


Feature: New Reality, Different Realisms

Thought, Affect, Realism: Determined Efforts of Korean Fiction during the Candlelight Revolution / Han Ki-wook

Poetry’s Quest for a Common World / Song Jong-won

Sci-Fi and the Search for a New Reality / Bok Do Hoon

The Present-ness of Toni Morrison / Kim Miehyeon


On the Scene

US Presidential Primary Scene in the Democratic Party: Beginning of New Deal 2.0? / Ahn Byong Jin

We Should Solve the Fukushima Water Pollution Problem Together / Yi Heon-seok



The Political Nature of Young Poetry / Shin, Lee Sung-hyuk, Cho Daehan, Ha Jae-yeon



A Good New Idea: John Lanchester Makes the Case for a Universal Basic Income / John Lanchester

The April 24 Education Struggle and Minjok Education of Korean Residents in Japan: Traces of Violence and Memories of Solidarity / Chong Young-hwan



Time to Let Go of Chalk / Go Jeung Sik

A Wooden Seal / Kim Keun

A Ring / Kim Kyung-hu

Fortunate No More / Seong Da-young

First Snow, Fall on My Tongue! / Shin Mi-na

Shall We Get Together to Make Dumplings? / Yu Byeong-rok

On a Hammer / Lee Geunhwa

Do You Want Meat? / Lee Ki Sung

Net / Lee Do Youn

Glass Planet / Jo Onyun

Red Lilies / Cho Yong-Mee



Fear Protects Us / Lee SeungEun

Training / Jang Ryujin

Reunion / Jeon Sungtae

One Breath / Cho Hae-jin

Simon Gray(Installment #3) / Lee Kiho


Focus on Authors_Eun Heekyung,Light’s Past

Present Light / Baik Sou Linne


Literary Criticism

If We Get to Know Their World in Unimaginable Ways: Reflections on Some Recent

Documentaries about Animals / Yi Jeong-suk


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books of This Season / Kim Na-young, Kim Bong-gon, Park Yeon-jun



Park Taesun, A Writer Exactly Like a Third-World Mag-Book / Kim Nam-il

Tears of an Unknown Young Writer and the Literatures of Korea, China, and Japan / Park Sang Young


Book Reviews

David Harvey, Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason / Chang Seok-jun

Yi Sang, I Wed a Toy Bride / Shin Hyung-cheol

Kim Si-jong, Lost Season / Kwak Hyeong-deok

Jeon Chi-hyung and Hong Sung-ook, The Future Does Not Arrive / Kang Yeonsil

Doris Lessing, Golden Notebook / Jung Soyoung

Yasuda Koichi, Modern History of the Japanese “Rightwing” / Nam Sang-Wook

Danielle Lazarin, Back Talk / Park Min-Jung

Kim Jae-o, English Romanticism and Its Views on History / Ryu Sonmoo


Announcement of the Winners of the 34th Manhae Prize for Literature

Grand Prize: Hwang Jung-eun, Didi’s Umbrella

Special Prize: Kim Doo Sik, Lawyers: Birth of Un-elected Power


Announcement of the Winners of the 21st Baeksok Prize for Literature

File Name: Lyric Poetryby Ra Hee Duk


Readers’ Voices