[Feature] Solving the Climate Crisis: Where to Begin? / Paik Young-Gyung

The Quarterly Changbi 187, Spring 2020



Paik Young-Gyung analyzes from a political and socio-economic perspective the reasons why there exist differences that are difficult to overcome among proposals about how to respond to the climate crisis. Although, according to geological periodization, the current era is the Holocene, the concept of “Anthropocene” is currently actively discussed because human activities have had a decisive influence on geological strata. While paying attention to this concept’s critical significance, Paik examines the limit of this concept, in particular, that it attributes this situation to all of humanity equally. While discussing various climate change discourses, including those of the Capitalocene and Chthulucene (in and of the earth itself), and, in particular, by illuminating the reality of indigenous peoples as agents of the climate struggle, Paik explores clues to solutions both theoretically and practically.