The Quarterly Changbi 187, Spring 2020



It’s Now Time To Create a Candlelight National Assembly / Kang Kyung-seok


Feature: Expansion of Ecological Politics and System Transformation

Solving the Climate Crisis: Where to Begin? / Paik Young-Gyung

Rewriting the Green New Deal: Beyond Green Growth / Kim Sang-Hyun

Escape from the Age of Plastic Addiction / Kim Ki-heung

How Bodies of Poets Resist the Capitalocene / Ra Hee Duk



The 20th National Assembly and Tasks for Korean Politics / Lee Nam Ju, Lee Chul-hee, Chae Yi Bai



Automation and the Future of Work 2 / Aaron Benanav


On the Scene

Thinking May 18th Again / No Eyoungi



Space / Kim Sa-i

In the Mirror, I See Only Hollowness / Ryu Hwi-seok

Pedestrian Overpass in Autumn / Seo Dae-kyung

A Foreign Land / Seong Myeong-jin

On Light / Park Cheol

Standards of a City / Seo Yeong-cheo

Hanging Game / Shin Hae-wook

House / Ahn Mi-ok

Empty Stomach / Yi Da-hui

A Black Dog Has Black Eyes / Yi Yeon-hui

Autobiography of the Law / Jang Seoknam

Handshake / Ham Min Bok



The Outside of Seoul / Pak Sa-rang

We—Why, For How Long, and Where / Eun Heekyung

Famous Jeong-hui / Lee Jangwook

People Who Quit / Lim Solah

Simon Gray(Installment #4) / Lee Kiho


Focus on AuthorsHwang InChan,Repetition for Love

There Is More Love / Oh Youn-kyung


Literary Criticism

Garden of Darkness and Sentences of Night: the Poetic Worlds of Shin Yong-mok and Kim Joong-il / Yi Cheol-ju


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books of This Season / Yang Kyung Eon, Yang Yun-eui, Yi Geun Hwa



Between Privilege and Fairness / Kim Jung-mi


Book Reviews

Jang Seok-jun, A History of Progressive Parties in the World / Jeon Seong-won

Lee Jong-seok, et al., North Korean Economy in Sanction, Swipe to Unlock / Yun Youngsang

Baik Young Seo ed., A Hundred Years of Transformation / Kim Jeong-in

Immanuel Wallerstein, The World System and Africa / Woo In-hee

Kim Hyo-sun, I Am a War Criminal / Sim Ajung

Namgung Seok, A Chronicle of Cancer Conquest / Choi Hyungsub

Tara Westover, Educated / Sung Eun Ai

Yang Kyung Eon, Ways to Ask ‘How Are You?’ / So Yu-jeong

Kim Do-hyeon, Challenges From Disability Studies / Na Yeong

Kim Eun-ju, Becoming Woman / Ko Yoon-Kyung


Announcement of the Winners of the 18th Daesan Literary Awards for College Students


Readers’ Voices