[Articles] A Meeting Between Visionaries: Paik Nak-chung’s D.H. Lawrence, A Western Gaebyeok Thinker and D.H. Lawrence’s Thinking on Modern Civilization / Park Yeo Sun

The Quarterly Changbi 189, Autumn 2020



Park Yeo Sun discusses the “thought adventure” that Paik Nak-chung has been engaged in throughout his life, by examining two recently published books by him. As a literary critic and scholar of English literature, as well as a theorist and activist dedicated to the overcoming of the division system, Paik Nak-chung has not only left a clear mark in our intellectual history, but also is widely known overseas as a great scholar, representing the Korean intellectual sphere. Park analyzes from various angles what significance his understanding of D.H. Lawrence as a gaebyeok thinker in his two books has, comprehensively summarizing his half-century work in Lawrence studies in relation to Paik’s theory and practice, and what Paik wants to tell us about the present and future of our world through that understanding.