[Dialogue] A New Paradigm of Economy and the Basic Income / Kim Hyunwoo, Yang Jae-jin, Yoon Hong Sik, Lee Il-young

The Quarterly Changbi 189, Autumn 2020



“Dialogue” tackles the question of the basic income, which has emerged as a hot-button issue in the current situation, where the government paid disaster financial assistance to all people, after heated debates. Economist Lee Il-young moderated this discussion, with Energy and Climate Policy Institute Researcher Kim Hyunwoo, Professor Yang Jae-jin of Yeonsei University Department of Public Administration, and Professor Yoon Hong Sik of Inha University Department of Social Welfare. They engaged in animated discussions about various aspects of the basic income, such as the meaning of disaster financial assistance, the effects of the basic income and its relationship to the existing welfare system, its significance in changing capitalism, and the youth basic income. This dialogue offers a great opportunity for us to understand the major issues of the basic income and what positions collide regarding it, and to evaluate them.