The Quarterly Changbi 189, Autumn 2020



Let Us Return to the Original Intentions of the Candlelight Revolution / Lee Nam Ju


Feature: Challenges Covid-19 Has Thrown at Us

Hwang Jung-a / Democracy in the Era of Pandemic and a “Korean Model”

Paik Young-Gyung / Post-Developmental Transformation and the Keyword “Care”

Lee Hana / Whither School Ecosystems After Covid-19?

Jeong Eun-jeong / Low Density and the Extinction Crisis: No Post-Covid-19 in the Countryside



Kim Hyunwoo, Yang Jae-jin, Yoon Hong Sik, Lee Il-young / A New Paradigm of Economy and the Basic Income



Lee Jungchul / John Bolton’s Great Power Politics and Transitional-Period Autonomy in Inter-Korean Relationship

Han Ki-wook / “I Can’t Breathe”: Systemic Racism and the American Literary Scene

Park Yeo Sun / A Meeting Between Visionaries: Paik Nak-chung’s D.H. Lawrence: Western Thinker of the ‘Great Opening’ and D.H. Lawrence’s Thinking on Modern Civilization

Nam Kijeong / Citizens’ Solidarity Efforts for a Korea-Japan Relationship Under a New Korean Peninsula System

Nam Jae-Hee / How About a “Fraternal Democracy”?


On the Scene

Rebecca Solnit / Masculinity as Radical Selfishness: Rebecca Solnit on the Maskless

Men of the Pandemic—The Burden of Care Falls Ever More on Women (Translated by Lee Jong-Im)



Kim kyung yoon / Under the Care of Dharma

Kim Sang-hyeok / Village Square

Kim Yong Taik / A Lyric Poem

Pak jeong-de / Poetry

Sin Yong-Mok / A Ladle

Oh Seongil / Candlelight

Oh Eun Kyeong / Wrapping

Jeong Cheol-hun / Beginning of Refinement

Jeong Hwa-jin / Virginia

Han Jaebeom / Under the Table Where God Is Residing

Heo Yeong-seon / Billemot Cave Lamentation

Yoo Hye Been / Miju’s Song (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the poetry category)



Gong Sun-ok / Dusk

Lim Hyeon / Two Worlds That Were Almost One

Choe Min-gyeong / My First Goose

Kim Yuna / Nameless Feeling (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the fiction category)



Jung Ji-Chang / On the Passing of Mr. Kim Jong Cheol, A Friend of Mine Who Was More Than a Friend


Focus on Author Hwang Sok-yong, Three Generations of Railway Workers

Kim Hyeongsoo / Where the Light of Maitreya’s Eyes Fell


Literary Focus

An Heon-mi, Oh Youn-kyung, Jeon Gihwa / Noteworthy Books of This Season


Literary Criticism

Kim Young-hee / Observatories of Life and New Labor Poetry


Book Reviews

Cho Hyo-Je / Park Raegun, We Have Things Not To Forget

Suh Bo-hyuk / Jeong Se-Hyun· Park In-gyu, A Negotiator in Panmunjeom

Kim Hak Jae / Serhii Plokhy, Yalta

Go Sung Man / Kwon Heonik, After the Korean War: An Intimate History

Baik Young Seo / The Research Institute of Won-Buddhist Thought, ed., Re-reading Gaebyeok Movement in Modern Korea

Ryu Junpil / Choi Won-sik, In Search of Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Ahn Hyunjung / Elizabeth Keith and Elspet K. Robertson Scott, British Painter Elizabeth Keith’s Old Korea

Jung Hong-su / Luis Sepulveda, El fin de la Historia

Joo Yunjeong / Rob Wallace, Big Farms Make Big Outbreaks of the Flu

Choi Hyungsub / Nam Sung-Hyun, Earth in Crisis, Humans With Nowhere to Retreat to


Announcement of the Winners of the 38th Shin Dong-yup Prize for Literature

Ju Min-hyeon, Kilt—And Quilt

Kim Yu-dam, Tambourine


Announcement of the Winners of the 2020 Changbi Award for Young Writers


Announcement of the Shortlist for the 35th Manhae Prize in Literature


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices