The Quarterly Changbi 191, Spring 2021



Now Is the Time To Excise a Poisoned Arrow / Song Jong-won


Feature: The World After a Split US, and How To Respond to It

Lee Heajeong / America the Beautiful, a Confused Country Yet To Be Realized: A Chronicle of Promises, Hypocrisy, and Despair

Lee Nam Ju / Whither US-China Strategic Competition?

Kim Yeon-chul / For a New Spring on the Korean Peninsula: Reflections on the Inter-Korean Relationship and Its Solutions



Gonghyun, Kim Juon, Lee-Kil Bora, Lee Jin-hyuk/ Young People Discuss Korean Society



Paik Nak-chung / Climate Crisis and the Double Project of Modernity: On Reading “Dialogue: Climate Crisis and Systemic Transformation”

Koo Kab-woo / Lee Young-hee’s Writings and Their Uses: Might Democracy and Self-Reliance Be Incompatible?


On the Scene

Aoyagi Junichi / From Abe to Suga: The Process of Japanese Cabinet Transition and Korea-Japan Relations



Nam Jae-Hee / Life of a General and Fragments of Korean Political History: Episodes Related to Former Army Chief of Staff Min Gi-sik


Literary Criticism

Han Young-in / Labor Stories of Our Times

Shin Hyungcheol / Categories of Poetic Citizenship: Emotion, Doubt, Action



Kang Sei Hwan / A Modern History Like This One

Ko Myeong-Jae / Post-Fordism

Kim Min-jung / Translucence

Park Yeon-jun / How to Pick Out Sadness from Night Fog

Bae Chang Hwan / Strength of Living

Song Kyung-dong / What Dreaming? That’s a Load of Bullshit!

Lee Myeong Yun / The First Snow

Choi Hyun Woo / Thirty

Han Yeon-hee / Mysterious Canned Food

Hwang Sung-hee / Giving Up

Hwang In-suk / A Night When Your Feet Sink Deep in the Snow



Choi Eunmi / Face to Face (Installment #1)

Moon Jinyoung / Minori and Tetzu

Park Sang-young / Kids These Days

Sohn Won-pyung / A House Belonging to Others

Lee Hye-kyung / Tana Toraja, Festival for the Dead

Jeong Yi Hyun / Seon’s Feelings


Focus on Author Choi Jeongrye, Net of Light

Yi Geun Hwa / The Rest All Belong to Others


Literary Focus

Kim Haeja, Shin Cheolgyu, Jung Hong Su / Noteworthy Books of This Season


Book Reviews

Kim Saerom / Paik Young-Gyung, Different Healthcare Is Possible

Lee Hyangkue / Hwang Jung-a, Covid-19 Pandemic and the Korean Way

Choi Eun Kyung / Kate Brown, Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future

Kang Jin A / Baik Young Seo, Three Incidents That Shaped Modern Chinese History

Rho Kyung Hee / Kim Myoungho, Hong Dae-yong and Three Scholars in Hangzhou

Kim Young-woo / Bang In, Dasan Jeong Yagyong’s Yeokhak Seo-eon: Re-writing the Hermeneutical History of the Classic of Changes

Lee Won-Suk / Mun Gwang, Monk Tanheo’s Thoughts on the Harmony of Four Religions

Yoo Sung-Ho / Kim Eon-Ho, Spring Days in Those Years

Hwang Kyoo-kwan / Jung Ji-Chang, Consolation from Literature

An Mi-seon / Jang Nam-su, After the Workplace Was Taken Away

Sin Yong-Mok / Zakaria Muhammad, We Will Listen to the Sound of Words Hanging About Until Dawn


Announcement of the Winners of the 19th Daesan Literary Awards for College Students


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices