[Feature] Roundtable: The Present of the Candlelight Revolution and the Tasks for a Second-Term Candlelight Government/ Park Jung-eun, Lee Nam Ju, Lee Jung-chul, Hwang Gyu-gwan

The Quarterly Changbi 193, Autumn 2021



In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Candlelight, this issue’s feature evaluates changes in our society brought on by the Candlelight Revolution and explores the way forward. Political scientist Lee Nam Ju moderates a conversation with Secretary General Park Jung-eun of the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, political scientist Lee Jung-chul, and poet Hwang Gyu-gwan, a conversation examining the present state of the Candlelight Revolution and the tasks of the second-term Candlelight government. After assessing the achievements made by the current government, and their limitations, they engage in serious reflections and discussions about reform tasks in the inter-Korean relationship, democracy and inequality, climate crisis, and labor and basic income.