The Quarterly Changbi 193, Autumn 2021



A Country Where All Children Can Thrive / Baik Ji-yeon


Feature: Candlelight: Year Five—A New Step Forward

Park Jung-eun, Lee Nam Ju, Lee Jung-chul, Hwang Gyu-gwan / The Present of the Candlelight Revolution and the Tasks for a Second-Term Candlelight Government

Shin Jin-Wook / Redefining Fairness in Terms of Greater Justice

Sung Jaeho / Media Reform: What We Need Is a Paradigm Shift


Special Colloquy

Kim Young-Oak, Park Maeng-soo, Paik Nak-chung / Seeking Donghak Again in Order To Ask Guidance in Our Way Forward



Kang Unkyo / A Petal

Kim Mi Ryeong / Fog Industrial Complex

Park Sung-woo / Piano

Ahn Joo Chul / A Man Whose Back Is Opened

Lee Kyuree / Geranium

Lee Seol Ya / Restavek

Lim Sun-Ki / Snowfield Toward a Piano

Jang Mido / Square Manifesto

Chang Seung Ri / A Difficult Course

Cho In Ho / God Save the Queen!

Choi Ji In / Heap

Nam HyunJi / Lake Park (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the poetry category)



Choi Eunmi / Face to Face (Installment #3)

Kang Hwa-gil / Corridors

Kim Ryeo-ryeong / Technicians

Son Bo-mi / Playing with Fire

Sung Hyeryoung / Yun So Jeong (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the fiction category)



Han Ki-wook / He Has Just Managed To Live Through Modern Korea: I Went To My Father as the Art of Memory and Presentness

Park Soran / Why Am I You?

Kim Juwon / The Outside of Humanism and the Ontology of Openness: On Shin Hae-wook’s Poetry (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the criticism category)


Focus on Author

Lee Moon-jae, The Width of Being Alone

Shin Cheolgyu / Poetry Before Poetry and Beyond Poetry


Literary Focus

Park Dong-uk, Jeong Ji A, Hwang InChan / Noteworthy Books of This Season


On the Scene

Lee Tae-ho/ ROKS Cheonan, Truth Yet To Be Salvaged



Nam Sang-wook / Animals and Humans During the Era of Pandemic


Book Reviews

Bak Cheol / Yom Mu-woong, In Order Not To Arrive in Hell

Hwang Jung-a / Hwang Su Young, Roots of Modern French Philosophical Thought

Kim Sora / Prudence Chamberlain, The Feminist Fourth Wave, Kim Eun-Joo et. al., Undulating Time(s)

Sung Eun Ai / Lee Hyemi, The Record of Capitalist Kids’ Anti-Capitalist Struggles

Kim Hyoungsu / Masaru Sato & Morihide Katayama, Heisei History

Kang Yeonsil / Wonjin Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, People Who Give Names to Pain

Lee Jeong-Eun / Seoul National University Research Team for the Hyeongje Welfare Center, Between Extermination and Rehabilitation

Sinmina / Gong Sun-ok, My House, Cold and Hot


Announcement of the Winners of the 2021 Changbi Awards for Young Writers

Lee Jeong Hoon, Mandarin Fish, Tiger (Poetry)

Park Sang-young, Love in the Big City (Fiction)

Jang Eun-young, Humane Death, Imagining Such a Future: On Kim Sa-i (Literary Criticism)


Announcement of the Shortlist for the 36th Manhae Prize in Literature


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices