The Quarterly Changbi 194, Winter 2021


To Light the Darkness Again / Paik Young-Gyung


Feature: Literature, Politics, Democracy
Hwang Jung-a / Rethinking the “Politics of Literature”
Oh Youn-kyung / Democracy in the Era of Pandemic and the Poetry of Earth-Dwellers
Kang Kyung-seok / Attack of Truth: Democracy, Literature, and Capitalism
Lee Nara / Women’s Advance and Their Changing Narratives: Focusing on Films A Girl at My Door and Voice of Silences


Kim Sora, Lee Nam Ju, Ju Biung-Ghi, Chun Hyunwoo / Inequality: Defining the Problem and Responding To It


Kim Yong Man / Mountain Chestnuts
Park Nam Joon / Master Myeong-cheon and Hanbok
Park Seung Min / A Boatman’s Song in the Square
Park Hoogi / Wish Lantern Times
Shim Jia / Inflammability
Yoo Hye Been / Her Backyard
Lee Kyonglim / Colfax, or Mansu-dong?
Lee Ki Sung / Once Lov’ly Samyang-dong
Lee Min-ha / The Chair Where I Lived
Lee Young-hoon / Odd-Job Man
Lim Solah / Privilege
Cho Yongwoo / Eternal Smile


Choi Eunmi / Face to Face (Installment #4)
Kim Ae-ran / Good Neighbors
Lee Ju-ran / In Paju
Lim Gukyeong / Fruit of the Womb
Choi Jung-hwa / People Who Do Not Have Bunkers


Jung Ji-Chang / Ancient New Roads: On Reading “Seeking Donghak Again in Order To Ask Guidance in Our Way Forward”
Jung Junehee / Present Issues Concerning and Future of the Amended Bill of the Press Arbitration Law
Suh Jae-jung / Will “Value Diplomacy” by the U.S. Succeed?: the Biden Administration’s National Security Strategy and Peace on the Korean Peninsula


On the Scene
Lee Seungchul / Ways Toward a Green Future for All: A Just Transformation As Viewed from the Labor Movement
Martin Mosquera / “Cannibal Capitalism” Is on Our Horizon: An Interview with Nancy Fraser


Literary Criticism
So Yu-jeong / Spaces Built in the Name of “Us” Now


Focus on Author Choi Jin Young, A Week
Kim Yu-dam / A Dream of Becoming Choi Jin Young


Literary Focus
Jang Eun-young, Choi Min-woo, Hwang InChan / Noteworthy Books of This Season


Book Reviews
Sung Hanah / Andreas Malm, Corona Virus, Climate, Chronic Emergency
Kim Dohye / Choi Sihyun, How Real Estate Has Become Women’s Work
Cho Hyung Keun / Jae Jeong Im & Kwak Young Shin Ed, From What College Did You Graduate?
Lee Byoung Hoon / Kang Hye-in & Heo Hwan-ju, Your Delivery Man Is On His Way
Choi Eun Kyung / Miyano Makiko & Isono Maho, Accidental Disease, Inevitable Death
Choi Jin Seok / Antonio Damasio, Feeling & Knowing
Choi Jinyeo / Lee Sook-in, Another Joseon
Myung In / Jeong Eun-jeong, The Question: Are You Eating Okay?
Ra Hee Duk / Choi Min, Choi Min: Writings
Cho Hye-kyung / Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov


Announcement of the Winners of the 36th Manhae Prize in Literature
Main Prize / Kim Seung-hee, True Love of Pickled Radish and Bacon
Special Prize / Kim Young-Oak, Dongkyung Daejeon


Announcement of the Winner of the 23rd Baeksok Prize for Literature
Ahn Sang-hak, The Remaining Days Are All Tomorrows


New Books by Changbi


Readers’ Voices