[Feature] How Do Care and Post-Colonialism Meet De-Growth?: For the Frontline Community / Paik Young-Gyung

The Quarterly Changbi 195, Spring 2022



What kind of country and what kind of world are we dreaming of? Urgent tasks are in front of us—ones that we cannot entrust only to politicians and that can be easily neglected in the process of a presidential election. Like the experience in the Candlelight squares, where we confirmed the truth that ordinary people can be the sovereigns of a country, we should all renew our will to play our parts as sovereigns of our country, to practice it, and to let it be known broadly. To become a sovereign of a country means becoming an agent in a changing the world. This issue’s feature is composed of writings that examine recent movements demanding fundamental transformation in our lives and that explore ways to form new agents. These days—when the evils of capitalism and the seriousness of climate crisis stand out everywhere in the world—it is essential for us to explore ways to transform our society: from one blindly pursuing developmentalism to one focusing on care and eliminating harm. Paik Young-Gyung argues that when advocacy for de-growth is more actively connected with feminism and post-colonialism, our plan for a new system of society can be better embodied. She also explores the possibility of forming agents by paying attention to the frontline community, both as the most extreme victims of the current system and climate crisis and as agents who can actively take charge of the task of overcoming the current system.