The Quarterly Changbi 195, Spring 2022



To Become the Sovereigns of a Country / Lee Nam Ju


Feature: Changing World, New Subjects

Paik Young-Gyung / How Do Care and Post-Colonialism Meet De-Growth?: For the Frontline Community

Lee Hyun-jung / To Become a Political Agent of Climate Justice

Han Young-in / The “Korean Wave” and the Possibility of Collaborative Creativity: A Criticism of Civilization by “K-Contents” As Seen Through Squid Game and Hellbound



Shin Sang-cheol, Lee Nam Ju, Lee Tae-ho, Choo Jihyun / National Defense Reform and the Grand Transformation of Korean Society



Kown Park / Skirt

Kim Namgeug / Onset of Winter

Kim Eonheui / Recording A-22

Park Se-mi / Nighttime Interchange

Song Jin Gwon / I May Have to Steep

Yoon Eun-seong / Leftover Wafters

Lee Jenny / Speaking With What’s Nearly Enough

Lim Jeong Min / Taking Link for a Walk

Chae Gil Woo / Yawning

Chun Yang-hee / Tossing and Turning

Hyun Taek Hun / Onju

Hwang Gyu-gwan / Camellia Seeds



Ki Jun Young / Solidarity and Persistence

Kim Mella / See Me in Your Dream

Jeong Ji A / Temperature of Words

Hang Hyunjin / Signs of Declining Fortune

Lee Ju-Hye / The Seasons Are Short, But Memories Are Everlasting (Installment #1)



An Sae-myung / “Let’s Be Awakened!”: Sotaesan’s Great Opening of the Spirit

Slavoj Žižek (Translated by Yi Jungjin) / Last Exit To Socialism


On the Scene

Koh Sungman / The (Im)Possibility of the Jeju April 3 Model and Remaining Tasks


Literary Criticism

Jung Hong-su / Withdrawl and Silence, and the Imagination of “Being Connected”: On the “Politics of Literature”

Jeon Seungmin / The Trilemma of Young People “These Days”: On Work and Love in Recent Short Stories


Focus on Author  Kim Seung-hee, A Sincere Person Like Pickled Radish and Bacon

Kim Su-i / The Endearing and Everlasting Lineage of Pickled Radish and Bacon


Literary Focus

Kim Juseon, Jeon Sungtae, Jo Kyung-seon / Noteworthy Books of This Season



Jeong Eun-jeong / A Place Called “With a Beaming Smile,” Even Though There is No Reason to Smile: Where I Live

Park Seok-moo / After Saying Good-bye to an Upright Person of Our Time: In Memory of Mr. Song Ki-suk


Book Reviews

Yoon Bora / Julia Ebner, Going Dark

Choi Sihyun / Lee So-jin, Women From Whom Time Is Taken Away

Park Buhm Soon / Sheila Jasanoff, The Ethics of Invention

Kim Domin / Seo Joong Seok, How To View Modern History in its Transitional Phase

Hong Kidon / Choi Won-sik, Alchemy of Memory

Lee Kyung-jae / Han Ki-wook, Literature’s Open Road

Kim Hyun-woo / Saito Kohei, Unsustainable Capitalism

Kim Hyun-chul / Kim Jae-hyung, Disease, Stigma

Choi Eun Kyung / Amy Gutmann & Jonathan D. Moreno, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven But Nobody Wants to Die

Lee Hyangkue / Jerry Craft, New Kid


Announcement of the Winners of the 20th Daesan Literary Awards for College Students


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices