The Quarterly Changbi 175, Spring 2017



Toward a Country Without a Blacklist and “Hidden Constitution” / Han Ki-wook


Feature _ The Candlelight Revolution: Beginning of a Great Turning

Building a New World through ‘Candlelights’ and Inter-Korean Relations / Paik Nak-chung

World Economy at the Crossroads and Our Choice / Yoo Chul-gyu

“What Would Democracy Feel Like?: On Recent Short Stories by Kim Geum-hee and Hwang Jung-eun / Hwang Jung-a

DialogueWe Have Raised Candlelights: The Young Generation Knocking Down the Bank / Woo Ji-su, Lee Ji-won, Lee Jin-hyuk, Chun Woong-so



Chosun Cock / Kim Kwang-Kyu

Departed Names Bore the Sun / Bak Ra-yeon

A Dumb Show / Song Tae-woong

Benjamin / Yu Jin-mok

Time to Appropriate Marx / Lee Ki-sung

Sujebi (Hand-pulled Dough Soup) / Lee Giin

The Final Voice / Lee Jeni

Strangers along the Loire River / Jang Su-jin

Coz I’m a man / Jo Yong-myung

Capacity of Time / Hwang Sung-hee


Novel & Short Stories

Kyung-ae’s Mind (Serial Novel 1) / Kim Geum-hee

What I Have Left Behind / Kang Young-sook

Cleaning / Kim Ryeo-ryeong

A Hand To Cover / Kim Ae-ran


Focus on Authors _ Jo Hae-jin, The Escort of Light

Five Foci on The Escort of Light: Jo Hae-jin’s Camera Obscura / Shin Mi-na


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Son Taek-su, Jung Ju-a, Kim Un


Literary Criticism

From the Adventure of Impudent Children to Ethical Responsibility for Reconstruction of Daily Life: On Poems and Poetry Criticism in the 2010s / Park Sang-su


On the Fields

Modern History of South Korea in Terms of Candlelights and Squares / Han Hong-koo



Contradictions of Capital and Care / Nancy Fraser (trans. by Moon Hyun-a)

‘2℃’ and the Future of Humanity: A Counterargument to Techno-Optimism / Ahn Byung-ok

Reading four Memoirs as “Literature of Nuclear Weapons” / Koo Kab-woo


Proses _ Remembering Life & Literature of the Late Jung Mi-kyung

The Saying that There Is No, No Next Time.. / Jung E-hyun

That Deep-rooted Tenderness and Intensity / Jung Ji-a


Book Reviews

Melinda Cooper, Life as Surplus / Ha Dae-cheong

Han Woori, Feminist Manifesto / Yang Hyo-sil

Natsume Sōseki, I Am a Cat / Nam Sang-wook

Oh Chul-woo, Opening the Science Black box of the Cheonan Warship / Lee Pil-Ryul

Kim Keun-soo & others, Now, Religions in Korea / Kim Hak-chul

Jung Hee-jin & others, We Make an Objection to Gender Equality / Kim Hyun

Cha Mi-ryung, The World of Abandoned Possibilities / Yum Dong-kyu


Reader Reviews

Meeting Changbi Again / Moon Byung-hoon

To Be Heavy and Solid Like a Brick / Lee Joo-hye


The 15th Daesan College Literary Award Winning Works

poetry _ Yook Ho-soo / “A Curtain Call at the Beach” & Others

short story _ Park Kyu-min / “The Lighting is Moonlight”

drama _ Jung Hee-jung / “Myungju”

criticism _ Han Sul / “The Sunset……Going Down”