The Quarterly Changbi 181, Autumn 2018



Steps Toward the “Fullest”/ Kang Kyung-seok


Feature_Korean Peninsula Beyond Division

What Kind of Inter-Korean Association?: Korean Peninsula During the Candlelight-Revolution Era / Paik Nak-chung

The “Trump Doctrine” and the Korean Peninsula: Crises and Opportunities in the Midst of Neorealism and Neomercantilism / Suh Jae-jung

The Kim Jong-Un Era Changes in the North Korean Economy / Lee Seok-gi

North Korean Fiction Outside the Mirror: Reading Contemporary North Korean Literature / Oh Chang-eun



Current Discourse on Economic Growth and Its Significance / In Tae-yeon, Cheon ByungYou, Jeung Daeyeung, and Joo Sang-Young



Sincerity / Kim Seong-gyu

A Miniature / Shin Cheol-gyu

Anuran / Yi Won

How the Sound of Steaming the Moon Was the Sound of Calling Me! / Lee Won-ha

When Faced with a Certain Parting / Lee Jong-hyeong

Unemployment Statement / Lee Cheol-san

Power Beyond Power / Lee Tae-seon

Vacance / Im Sol-a

Log-in 5 / Chang Gyeong-rin

A Dead Magician / Jin Eun-young

Rhythm and Blues / Hong Ji-ho

Pony Express Mail (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the poetry category) / Kwak Moon-Young



White Horse / Kang Hwa-gil

Our Too Easy Dream / Kim Jung-a

Gray Mullet / Ha Sung-ran

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in the fiction category) / Chang Ryu-jin

A Week (Installment #3) / Kim Ryeo-ryeong


Focus on Authors _ Kim Geum-hee, Kyung-ae’s Mind

Respect and Affection, Their Slow Progress / Park Yeon-jun


Literary Criticism

“I Thank You for the Concreteness”: In Memory of Philip Roth / Jung Hong-su

Again Hwang Jung-eun (winner of the Changbi Award for Young Writers in literary criticism category) / Jeon Ki-hwa


Literary Focus

“Noteworthy Books of This Season” / Nam Sang-Wook, Lee Yeung-gwang, and Hwang Jung-a



Why Haven’t Universities Changed?: Understanding the Problem and Potential Solutions From the Perspective of the Division System / Yoon Jikwan

Our Bare Face Exposed in the Context of the Refugee Issue: Islamophobia and Refugees in Korea / Koo Gi Yeon


On the Scene

Read, Write, and Resist: Possibilities in Feminist Publication / Kim Young Sun



After Visiting Mr. Choi In-hun During His Last Days on a Hospital Bed / Jeong Cheol-hun


Book Reviews

Erving Goffman, Asylums / Kim Jong-yup

Mary Norris, Confessions of a Comma Queen / Yum Jong-sun

Cho Seong-ryong, Architecture and Weathering / Jung Heon-mok

Kim Eun-shil Ed, A Right to a Better Debate / Kim Sora

Gaia Vince, Adventures in the Anthropocene / Kim Ki-heung

Kim Jong-tae, Birth of Advanced Nations / Kim Sang-Hyun

Edurardo Kohn, How Forests Think / Nam Jongyoung

Park-cha Min-jeong, Queer in Joseon / Lee Jura

Kim Won-yeong, In Defense of the Disqualified / Hwang Jisung

Sasaki Ataru, Days Singing in a Circular Canon / Lee Jung-sook


Announcement of the Winners of the 36th Shin Dong-yup Prize for Literature

Opening Lips by Kim Hyun

On a Daughter by Kim Hye-jin


Announcement of the Winners of the 2018 Changbi Award for Young Writers

Kwak Moon-Young (poetry), Chang Ryu-jin (fiction), Jeon Ki-hwa (criticism)


Announcement of the Shortlist for the 33rd Manhae Prize in Literature