[Project] Key Tasks of the New Administration to Contribute to Turning of an Era / Lee Nam Ju

The Quarterly Changbi 176, Summer 2017



The project, “The Moon Jae-in Administration and the Turning of an Era”, tries to examine the core tasks in accomplishing the great turning of Korean society, In the first article of the project, Lee Nam Ju, based on his penetrating observation of the results of the last presidential election, enunciates the qualifications the newly inaugurated Moon administration is equipped with for its strength and weakness, and then suggests some points to consider in terms of government operations and political choices. For the advantages in domestic policies, the new administration has received widespread support from almost every generation and region, and high hopes for a democratic boost for the country. On the other hand, it can be viewed as unfavorable that the government should cope with the national assembly of a small ruling party and big opposition parties, without any prominent agenda to unite people’s aspiration for change, On top of that, he asserts that the voice of common citizens should be persistently input during political process, and the citizens, in turn, should also follow some basic principles of action.