[Project] Let’s Start to Change the Economic Paradigm Right Now / Jun Sung-in

The Quarterly Changbi 176, Summer 2017



Jun Sung-in underlies the grave economic situation confronting the new administration. The twenty-first century Korea is witnessing an unprecedented stage of population ageing, in which productivity retreats, the poverty problem reemerges, and the conflicts between generations over the distribution of resources are intensifying. To overcome these problems, the author insists on the necessity of technological development, economic growth based on the accumulation of human resources, and the unification between generations. By doing this, we are able to achieve “the 2017 System” in terms of more flexible and creative community. It also aims for the achievement of social unification as well as economic growth at the same time, beyond the “growth-distribution” dichotomy. He adds such practical tips as “labor-friendly growth policies”, “improving Gap-Eul (Boss-Subordinate) relationships”, and “the reform of tax system”.