[Dialogue] Evaluating the Moon Jae-in Administration for the last 100 Days / Kim Yeon-chul, Kang Moon-dae, Lee Chul-hee, and Jang Yoon-sun

The Quarterly Changbi 177, Autumn 2017



Dialogue covers the evaluation of the Moon Jae-in Administration for the first 100 days. Presided by Kim Yeon-chul, professor at Inje University, three participants, Kang Moon-dae, secretary general of Minbyun (Lawyers for a Democratic Society), Lee Chul-hee, congressman, and Jang Yoon-sun, reporter for Oh My News, discussed the following topics: the epochal tasks for the new government, the meaning of a record-high approval rating for the president Moon, issues around THAAD and other foreign affairs, nuclear phase-out policy, raising the minimum wage and a tax increase. This discussion will hopefully spark the interest of readers and get them to speculate about how the Moon administration will resolve all these complicated problems.