The Quarterly Changbi 177, Autumn 2017



Our Common Life-Which Does Not Fear Discord / Song Jong-won


Feature_The Commons and Publicness: For Our Common Life

The Welfare and the Commons: the Crisis of Care and Reconstructing Publicness / Paik Young-Gyung

Overcoming Gentrification: from Private Ownership to Common Property / Chun Eun-ho

The Future of the Commons: Rethinking Private Property Rights / David Harvey (trans. by Han Seo-rin)



Evaluating the Moon Jae-in Administration for the last 100 Days / Kang Moon-dae, Kim Yeon-chul, Lee Chul-hee, Jang Yoon-sun



Perhaps She Is Standing Beyond the Starlight (In Memoriam Han Jihyun) / Kim Hyung-su

Naming / Gwon Sun-hee

When Calling Miryu / Park Shin-kyu

Anniversary / Seo Jung-choon

Placeness / Sung Yoon-seok

Bursting a Gourd / Son Mi

A Statement / You Gye-young

Guyu / Yook Geun-sang

His Later Years / Lee Sun-young

Bangchun Market / Lee Ha-seok

A Halo / Jang Ea-ji

The Position of Your Planet / Jin Su-mi

My Sister is Ping-pong / Han Yeun-hee

A Family / Choi Ji-eun (the winner of 2017 Changbi New Poet Award)



Kyung-ae’s Mind (Installment #3) / Kim Geum-hee

A Broccoli Girl/A Marshmallow Boy / Paik Min-seok

Protective Coloring / Choi Min-woo

The Pleasure of a Man / Han Eun-hyoung

A Bolshevik Came / Im Gook-young (the winner of 2017 Changbi Short Story Award for Young Writers)


Focus on Author_ Jo Kap-sang’s Novel A Brief Compilation History of Byungsan-eup Genealogy

The End Which Begins Again / Ha Sung-ran



Incoherent Techno-Utopia: the Ideology Named as the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Suh Dong-jin

The New Neoliberalism / William Davis (trans. by Lee Jung-jin)

China’s Rise and “the Unconsciousness of Contemporary Thought” / Huh Zaoten (trans. by Im Woo-kyung)

In Memory of Byuksa Lee Woo-sung: His Life and Learning / Im Hyung-taek


On the Scene

Civil Congress: the Way to Fulfill Democracy / Oh Hyun-chul


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Park So-ran, Ha Jae-yeon, Han Young-in


Literary Criticism

Apocalypse and Class: Paik Min-seok’s “Violent People” and Choi Jin-young’s Women Characters / Kang Kyung-seok

When reading the poetry of Kim Soo-young from the perspective of feminism: Feminist Language and the Exploration of Emotional Revolution / Kim Young-hee


Book Reviews

Hwang Seok-young, A Captive / Park Yoon-young

Kim Jong-yup, The Division System and the ’87 System / Shin Jin-wook

Kim Yong-urn, A Literary Girl / Yang Hyo-sil

Nam Jong-young, Good Bye, Thanks for the Fish / Ha Dae-cheong

Kwak Hyeong-deok, Kim Sa-ryang and the Colonial Literature at the Last Stage of Japanese Imperialism / Jang Se-jin

Seo Dong-Wook & Jin Tae-won ed. The Return of Spinoza / Hwang Su-young

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale / Park Jong-ju

Paik Won-dam & Kang Sung-hyun ed., Cold War in Hot War, Hot War in Cold War / Lim Yu-kyung


Reader Reviews

A Bridge Connecting Literature to Reality / Kim Nyung

To Speak More Changes Together / Yi Go-oun


The 35th SHIN DONG-YUP Literary Award

Im Sol-a, Eerie Weather and Good People (A Poetry Collection)

Kim Jung-a, A Thorn (A Short Story Collection)


The 2017 Changbi Literary Award for Young Writers

Choi Ji-eun (poet)

Im Gook-young (novelist)


Announcement of the Final Nominees for The 32nd MANHAE Literary Award