The Quarterly Changbi 179, Spring 2018



The Standards Have Already Changed in Our Society / Hwang Jung-a


Feature_It Is the Time to Rethink the Division System

Resolving the Division, or Overcoming the Division System? / Lee Nam Ju

Making a ‘Society’ in the Division System / Kim Sung-Kyung

From the Korea-US Alliance to the Korea-US Relations / Kim Joon-hyung

The Past, Present and Future of the North Korean Nuclear Issue / Kim Dong-yup



The Constitutional Amendment: What Should Be Done / Kwon Kim Hyun-young, Paik Seung-hun, Lee In-young, Chung Doo-un



Octopus Soup / Kim Sang-mi

Salt Postcards / Kim Soo-woo

To the Lighthouse / Kim Ee-kang

Nightmarish Mango / Ryu Jin

Abandonment / Moon Bo-young

Fishing Mountain-Catfish / Park Ki-young

Taking a Walk / Paik Sang-woong

Volcanic Island / Ahn Sang-hak

A Person Saying Three Times / Oh Eun

Gwanghwamun Tents / Lee Young-ju

A Pilot’s Vacation / Lee Hyun-jung

Messengers of Gods / Ha Jae-il

Pine tree, Pine tree / Hwang Yu-won



Deus Ex Machina / Park Min-kyu

A House Where Nobody Resides / Lee Ju-Hye

Road / Im Jae-hee

Disappearance from Home / Cho Nam-joo

A Week (Installment #1) / Kim Ryeo-ryeong


Focus on Authors _ Choi Kyu-seok An Awl (A Cartoon Book)

Reading An Awl / Hwang Jung-eun


Literary Criticism

Design-Criticism / Jang Eun-jung

Recollecting “The April 3rd Jeju Uprising Literature” after the Candlelight Revolution / Kim Dong-yun

Coloniality and World Literature: Focusing on Season of Migration to the North / Yoo Hui-sok


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Shin Sat-byul, Chung Yong-joon, Choi Jung-rye



What’s Happening in Russia Now: Soviet Nostalgia and Politics of Memory / Lee Moon-young

Filming Modern History of Korea: Focusing on A Taxi Driver and 1987 / Kim Young-Jin


On the Scene

Daily-Life Politics and Village Democracy / Kim Young-bae



Don’t Look Back in Reverence: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the April 3rd Jeju Uprising / Kim Shi-jong (trans. by Kwack Hyung-deok)

A Good Life, a Good Historian: In Memory of Arif Dirlik / Hwang Dong-yeon


Book Reviews

Lee Wook-yeon’s Chinese Intellectuals in the Era of Post-Socialism / Baek Young Seo

Do Jin-soon’s The Rainbow Made of Iron: Re-reading Yi Yook-sa / Lee Jung-sook

Marcia Bartusiak’s Black Hole / Kim Ki-heung

Jessa Crispin’s The Dead Ladies Project / Jung So-young

Takata Rieko’s The Disease of Being a Writer / Kim Hang

Boris Groys’ The Communist Postscript / Byun Hyun-tae

Cheu Tszen’s Peaks of All the Mountains / Lee So-jung

Noh Seo-kyung’s Algerian War 1954-1962 / Lee Yong-jae

Kim Ho-jung’s A Stone on the Tips of the Toes / Jang Hye-ryung


The 16th Daesan College Literary Award Winning Writers

poetry_Seo Jae-jin

short story_Park Seo-young

drama_Choi Hyun-bee

criticism_Lee So-yoon