The Quarterly Changbi 182, Winter 2018



The Road the Candlelight Revolution Should Take / Lee Nam Ju


Feature: Korean Literature and New Subjects

A Change in Subjects and the Candlelight Revolution / Han Ki-wook

Why Is Literary Criticism Important—The Ways It Signifies Revolution / Yang Kyung Eon

“Canon Formation” in National Literature and the Midang Puzzle: The March 1 Movement Centennial and the “Autonomy” of Literature / Kang Kyung-seok



Ramble / Noh Kook-hee

Passing by Jichuk / Son Taek-su

Is it Ice or a Mirror? / Song Jae-hak

Flock of Birds / Shin Kyung-rim

Inside the Things I Call Night / Ann Hui-yeon

Very Old Memories / Yu Hee-kyung

Auschwitz Orchestra / Lee San-ha

Flowers in a Flower Bed / Lim Kyung-sup

Conciliation / Jung Young-hyo

Posts / Cho Mal-sun

He Was Getting Used to the Danger / Cho Sung-woong

About the Cloud That I Must Not Love and the Cloud That I Must Love / Choi Ji-eun



My Cousin Lisa / Park Min-jung

Warping Light / Park Sun-woo

A Year / Choi Eunyoung

A Piece of Rockfish, the Flavor of the Universe (a novella) / Park Sang Young

A Week (Installment #4) / Kim Ryeo-ryeong


Focus on Authors_Lee Ki-ho, Kang Min-ho: A Church Brother Kind to Everyone and A Full Account of the Mogyang-myeon Arson Incident

The Dilemma of a “Professional Writer”/ Jung Ju-a


Literary Criticism

Critical Revolutions / Francis Mulhern; translated by Kim Young-hee

Emotional Mapping of Feminist Fiction / Lee Sun-ok



Peace and Reunification—How Should They Be Taught? / Moon A-Young, Jang YongHoon, Jeong Do-sang, and Jeong Yong-Min



Conditions and Tasks for the Formation of the Inter-Korean Association / Suh Bo-Hyuk


On the Scene

Trump Wins Again: An Analysis of the November 6 U.S. Midterm Elections / Kim Dongsuk

“The Other” Called “Region” and a Regional Sensibility / Son Namhoon


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books of This Season / Lee Kyung-jae, Lee Yeong-gwang, and Hwang Jung-a


Book Reviews

Park Hee-Byung, Critique and Interpretation of Neunghogwan Yi In-sang’s Paintings and Calligraphic Works / Yu Hong-jun

Choi Won-sik, Literature and Progress / Shin Hyung-cheol

Kim Sung-dong, National Master / Yu Yong-ju

Eric Klinenberg, Heat Wave / Kim Ki-heung

Audrey Lorde, Sister Outsider / Kim Jung-mi

Jin Jeong-seong, Corporation Meow Company / Shin Mi-na

Choe Sil, Jini’s Puzzle / Kim Taesik

Kato Yoko, Why War? / Lee Jung-sook


Announcement of the Winner of the 33rd Manhae Prize in Literature

Hae-ja’s Fortune-Telling House by Kim Hae-ja


Announcement of the Winner of the 20th Baeksok Prize for Literature

Smiling Practice by Park Sung-woo