The Quarterly Changbi 183, Spring 2019



The Revolution Isn’t Over: After Reading Didi’s Umbrella / Han Ki-wook


Feature: Ongoing March 1st Movement: In Celebration of its Centennial

Rethinking the March 1st Movement in the Context of Modern Korean History / Lim Hyung-taek

Interconnected East Asia and the March 1st Movement: Revolution That Is Continuing To Be Relearned / Baik Young Seo

The March 1st Movement, the Candlelight Revolution, and the “Truth Procedures”/ Lee Nam Ju



Sensibilities About Gender and Labor by Up-and-Coming Writers and Their Awareness of Their Own Generation / Kang Kyung-seok, Kang Jee-hee, Seo Young-in, and Lee Cheol Joo



The Longer I Wrote About Beautiful Things, The Uglier I Became / Kwak Moon-Young

Sunday: Tale of a Snake 7 / Kim Gunyoung

Haesong Pine Forest / Kim Yu Rim

A-long take film / Kim Jongyeon

Long-Distance Train / Park Eunji

Na, Neo, and Nu / Bae Soo-youn      

So-and-So Everyone / Seo Younhu

A Day / An Taewoon

Voluntary Confession, an Artist’s Record of Silence / Lee Soho

Crying Cough / Jang Hye-ryung

Paradise Lost / Choi Back Kue

Rainy Season / Choi Yoon been



Body on Vacation / Kim Jung-hyuk

Let’s not go home just yet / Baik Sou Linne

Exhumation / Hwang Jung-eun

Posture of Relaxation / Kim Yudam



Transformative Middle Way and Liberalism / Kim Jong-yup

Automation, Digital Platforms, and the Future of Labor / Cheon ByungYou


On the Scene

Our Mourning Yet to Happen: On the Tenth Anniversary of the 2009 Yongsan Tragedy / Kim Ilran

Don’t Change Carbon, Change Society! / Han Jae-kak

“It Ain’t Over ’Till It’s Over”: Reflections on the Okinawan Anti-Base Resistance / C. Douglas Lummis


Literary Criticism

Living History and the Language of Good Poems: on Shin Dong-yup / Song Jong-won


Focus on Authors        

Park Jun, We Might be Watching the Rainy Season Together Apart

We Might be Dreaming of Infinity Together / Park Hye-jin


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books of This Season / Kim Mi-jung, Kim Su-i, and Ha Sung-ran



Mr. Kim Yoon-su, a Guiding Light of Korean Art: A Biographical Sketch / Yu Hong-jun


Book Reviews

Kim Du-sik, Lawyers / Lee Soyoung

Maeno Ould Koutaro, To Africa to Conquer the Locusts / Kang Yeonsil

Paik Nak-chung et. al., Toward a Great Turn in Civilization / Ko Myung-sub

Cho Sung-hwan, Birth of Modernity in Korea / Hwang Jung-a

Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty / Park Yeosun

Ma Kang-rae, Decentralization Ruins Regions / Lee Il-young

Lee Dong-gi, Modern History: A Montage / Kim Deuk-jung

Kim Kyung-sik, Lukacs’ Way / Jung Sung-chul

Iida Ichishi, Web Fiction Shock / Park In-sung


Announcement of the Winners of the 17th Daesan College Literary Awards

Poetry—Kim Yeon-duk 

Drama—Lee Da-eun 

Criticism—Park So-yeon