[Feature] Rethinking the March 1st Movement in the Context of Modern Korean History / Lim Hyung-taek

The Quarterly Changbi 183, Spring 2019



Lim Hyung-taek considers the March 1st Movement as an incomplete revolution to establish a democratic republic, as well as a nationwide anti-imperialist and nationalist movement. In his view, it is also both the beginning of full-fledged modernity in Korea and the source of a left-right ideological rift, the clue to bridging the gap of which became visible only in the Candlelight Revolution. He passionately presents the task of completing the unfinished nationalist mission through his overview of the evolution of the people’s movement up until the March 1st Movement, the movement for ideological consolidation since the March 1st, and, in particular, his intensive re-examination of Cho So-ang’s and Hong Myeong-hui’s arguments for the middle way.