The Quarterly Changbi 184, Summer 2019



Never-Ending March / Song Jong-won


Feature: Toward a New History of Korean Literature: How Should We Write It?

History of Korean Literature, Why Now? / Choi Won-sik

History of Korean Literature Through Feminism / Baik Ji-yeon

Rethinking the Literary History of Unified Korea: How to Meet the Other Within Our Mother Tongue / Kim Hyung-su



Feminism Saves Universities / Paik Young-Gyung, Yu Hyun-mi, Jun Hee Kyung, and Choi Na-hyun



“March the First” and Nation-Building Korean-Style / Paik Nak-chung

Korea, A Unique Colony: Last To Be Colonized and First To Revolt / Bruce Cumings


On the Scene

Election System Reform on a Fast Track, Its Outlook and Tasks / Ha Seung-soo

Defense Cost Sharing, What Is the Problem? / Park Ki-hak



Three-Headed Dog / Kim Bokhui

Astronomy / Kim Seon-woo

Erased Body / Kim Haeja

Standing on a Line / Ra Hee Duk

A Beam of Starlight Like a Scar / Park Seung min

Clock / Baek Mu-san

Strands of Colors / Lee Inbum

A Lonely Person Is a Person Who Makes You Lonely / Lee Hyunseung

Dog Poop / Jeong Ho Seung

I Can Go Alone From Here / johaeju

Net of Light / Choi Jeongrye

Nature as a Screensaver / Hwang InChan



Jeong Sang-in / Kim Sung-joong

What’s Loaded in a Ship Does Not Know the River / Shin Kyung-Sook

Our Paradise / Oh Sun-young

Headliner / Im Gook-young

Non-Smoking Camp / Cheon Woon-young

Simon Gray (Installment #1) / Lee Kiho


Literary Criticism

“Haneul” in Shin Dong-yup’s Poetry, the Donghak Thought, and Minjung-Based History / Kim Yuntae

Again, Looking at Corrupt Conditions: The Backlash by New “Management Philosophy” and Recent Korean Fiction’s Tough Fights / Kim Nyung

A Question Called “Okinawan Literature” / Sim Jeongmyoung


Focus on Authors

Park So-ran, A Person’s Closed Door

Poetry, Work, Sadness, and So-ran / Seo Hyo-in



I’m From Bukan / Lee Hyangkue


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books of This Season / Kim Su-i, Kim Haeng Sook, and Ha Sung-ran


Book Reviews

Ariel Dorfman, Feeding on Dreams: Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile / Choi Min-woo

Jeong Dae-seong, ’68 Revolution, History of Resistance Created by Imagination / Kang Jung-suk

Cho Cheon-ho, Blue Sky, Red Earth / Jeon Chi-hyung

Marie Hicks, Programmed Inequality/ Kang Yeonsil

Bang Min-ho, Critical Explorations into the History of Korean Literature / Kang Kyung-seok

Yang Seung-hun, Utopia for Heavy Industry Families / Kim Jung-a

Marc Augé, Une ethnologie de soi: Le temps sans âge / Kim Young-ok

Jeong Won, Misuk of This Year / Kim Hye-jin

Yoon Ji-gwan, Overcoming the University in Crisis / Kim Min-sup


Announcement of the Winners of the 12th Changbi Prize in the Novel

Kim Seol-won, Only a Soft Persimmon for Me