Issue 58 / Changbi 1987 / “Non-Periodical” Issue



On publishing Changbi 1987 / Paik Nak-chung



The Character of Korean Society in its Current Stage and Tasks for Minjok Movements / Paik Nak-chung, Yoon So-young, Cho Hi-yeon, Jung Yoon-hyung



Anti-Feudalism in Korean Society, Its Meaning, and the Movement toward Democracy / Park Hyun-chae

The Nationalist Movement in China During the Early Anti-Japanese Period, Its Tasks, and the United Front/ Baik Young Seo

Debates on Fascism in Central America and South America / Lee Seong-Hyeong


Literary Criticism

Historical Truth and Literary Truth: On The Taebaek Mountains / Choi Won-sik

The Orientation of the 1980’s Minjung Literature Theory / Hwang Gwang-su

Korean Literature Studies: What Should We Do and How? / Lim Hyung-taek



In Haenam / Kim Ji-ha

Ugeumchi Pass / Jung Hee Sung

Kimpo / Park Cheol



A Sketch of the Fading Sun 4 / Park Wansuh

A Man I Met / Kim Seong-dong


Book Reviews

Do Jong Hwan, You, My Hollyhock / Choe Doo-seok

Lee Dong Soon, The Person I Miss and Lee Si-young, Into the Wind / Im Woo-gi

Oh Junghee, Spirit of the Wind and Kim Hyang-sook, Winter Light / Kim Tae-hyeon

The Association for Korean Historical Studies ed., Introduction to Korean Historiography (2nd Edition) / Park Jong-ki

The Association for Korean Minjung History Studies ed., History of Korean Minjung / Lee Gyun-yeong