Issue 91 / Spring 1996 / 30th Anniversary Issue


Feature I: On the 30th Anniversary of the Quarterly Changbi

On Publishing the 30th Anniversary Issue of the Quarterly Changbi / Paik Nak-chung


Quarterly Changbi and Me in Our Times

Changbi—Which Has Joined Together With People in Their Suffering / Park Wansuh

Quarterly Changbi and Me / Lee Ho-cheol

An Unwavering Effort for the Freedom of Expression / Edward J. Baker

Changbi in Japan, Changbi and Me / Takizawa Hideki

Changbi’s Perspective and Readers of the ‘90s / Kim Yung Sik

30 Years Together with a History of Hardship! / Park Seok-moo

Traces of People Who Have Worked To Cultivate Beautiful Lives / Shin Kyung-sook

Changbi’s Burden—Which Has Yet To Be Lightened / Yang Yo-hwan

A Comrade and Friend the Same Age / Eun Mi-gyeong

A “Seditious” Magazine That I Encountered During My Days in the Combat Police / Yi Geun-yeong

Literature Is an Undefeatable Historical Weapon / Yi Su-in

Appeal of Changbi Turning 30 and Space Yet To Be Filled in It / Yi Yeong-min

For the Creation of a “New Humanism” / Lee Hae-chan

A Companion for a Protest Generation / Hahn Jeong-Sook

Thirty Years of Changbi, the Past and Present of Minjok Literature Theory: Focusing on Literary Criticisms by Paik Nak-chung and Yom Mu-woong / Lim Hong-Bae

Korean Social Sciences and 30 Years of Changbi: Minjok, Minjung, and the World / Kim Dong-choon

Changbi from Its Readers’ Perspectives / Kwon Seong-il

Quarterly Changbi and Changjak-gwa-bipyeongsa Publishers: A Chronology


Feature II: Selected New Poems by 32 Poets

Shin Kyung-rim, Ko Un, Hwang Tong-gyu, Kang Tae-yeol, Min Yeong, Kim Hyeong-yeong, Kang Unkyo, Jeong Dae-gu, Yi Tae-su, Kwon Ji-suk, Kim Kwang-kyu, Pak Nam-cheol, Kim Jeong-hwan, Pak Yeong-geun, Kim Yong Taik, Park Nohae, Pak Se-hyeon, Choe Ja-ung, Choe Yeong-cheol, Kim Gwang-ryeol, Ham Min-bok, Kim Ki-taek, Ra Hee Duk, Yi Won-gyu, Park Ra-yeon, Yuk Bong-su, Sin Dong-ho, Pak Hyeong-jin, Choe Yeong-suk, Yi Dae-heum


Literary Criticism

Tears and the Poetics of Their Splendid Overflowing: On Cho Tae-il / Lee Dong Soon


Quarterly Comments on Fiction

Dialectics of Existence and Creation / Lim Kyu-chan


Essay on Film

History Through Films: Schindler’s List, Malcolm X, and A Single Spark / Cheon Ji-hyeon



Response of Confucian Classical Studies to Western Knowledge in the 19th Century: Jeong Yak-yong and Sim Dae-yun / Lim Hyung-taek

Marx and Wallerstein / Yoo Jae-keon

Strong Industrial Labor Unions Underpin a National Economy / Yi Eun-jin

Empowering Technology: The Exploration of Cyberspace / Julian Stallabrass


Brief Reviews

Yi Dong-ju, Traditional Korean Paintings / Yu Hong-june

Hwang Gwang-su, Life and Historical Truth / Seo Gyeong-seok

Chart Korbjitti, The Judgment / Kim Yeong-hyeon

Hyeon Deok, I Won’t Play With You! / Im Gil-taek

Ahn Byung Ook, et al., Ideas on a Political System for a Unified Country on the Korean Peninsula / Chung Daehwa

Jeong Un-hyeon, An Exploration of Japanese Colonial Heritage in Downtown Seoul / Hong Sun-min

Nicholas Negroponte, Being Digital / Yun Yeong-min

Clive Ponting, A New Green History of the World / Chung Hyun-Back

Norma Field, In the Realm of a Dying Emperor / Yi Jong-gu


Book Reviews

Women’s Words, Women’s Voices: Kim Gyeong-mi, For the Sake of Selfish Sadness; Pak Seo-won, A Cat on a Railing; Yi Seon-yeong, I Crumple Myself into Letters / Hwang Hyon-san

Literary Testimonies of Two Past Periods: Bang Hyeon-seok, For Ten Years, and Park Wan-suh, Was the Mountain Really There?/ Jeong Hong-su

Classical Learning and Modern Wisdom: Yi U-seong, Essays from the Silsi Academy; Discovery of Korean Classics, and Four Epitaphs from Silla / Lee Ki-baek

Aesthetics of Modernism and Dynamics of Modernity: Marshall Berman, All That Is Solid Melts Into Air and Frank Lentricchia, After the New Criticism / Song Seung Cheol

Substantiation, Statecraft, and Thought: Wang Mao, et al. Philosophy in China During the Qing Dynasty / Yi Gyu-seong