Issue 131 / Spring 2006 / 40th Anniversary Issue



Changbi Renewing Itself Through Bolstering Its Activism / Baik Young Seo


On the 40th Anniversary of the Quarterly Changbi: Congratulatory Remarks and Suggestions by Magazine Editors in Korea, China, and Japan

Munhak-gwa Sahoe: Old Age or Youth, That Is Changbi / Lee Kwangho

Munhakdongne: Changbi, or the Rewards of Korean Literature / Ryu bo sun

Sinsaeng: Hoping Changbi To Remain a Center That Is Not a Center / Gu Mo-Ryong

Silcheonmunhak: Let’s Return to “Our Changbi” / Kim Young-Hyun

Hwanghae Review: Anticipating the Renewal of Changbi / Kim Myoung-In

Sekai: Let’s Prepare a Common Intellectual Front Line / Okamoto Atsushi

Zenya: From the Eve of Collapse to the Eve of a New Birth / Takahashi Tetsuya

Gendai-Shiso: In Order To Meet Changbi Again / Ikegami Yoshihiko

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Toward the Asset of a Whole Asia Beyond Korea / Chen Kuan-Hsing

The 21st Century: For the Enlightenment Movement and Critical Consciousness / Jin Guantao, Liu Qingfeng

Dushu: For Our Common Mission / Wang Hui



Dialogue / Kim Kyudong

A Walk in December / Hwang Tong-gyu

A Commemorative Photo / Lee Si-young

Be just this world / Kim Jeong-Ran

Again, the End / Kim Yong Taik

It Feels Like I’ve Been To Somewhere Far Away / Lee Moon-jae

Discarded Tire / Lee Eun-bong

Dojang-gol Poems: Rose Hips / Kim Sin Yong

Yours in Haste / Pak Jeong-de

Hands / Song Kyung-dong

Toad Call / Song Jin Gwon

Working Under Mr. Pak Chun-geun / Yi Geun Hwa



Kind Woman Bokhui / Park Wansuh

Cho Dong-ok, Fabienne / Kim Insuk

Soso Becomes a Snowman / Jeong Dosang

To Say Nothing of the Pig / Ha Seong-nan

Ping Pong (Installment #4) / Park Min-gyu


Feature: What Should We Do in the June 15th Era?

The June 15th Era and a Korean Peninsula Development Plan / Suh Dong-Man

Economic Polarization and the Economy of the Korean Peninsula / Cheon Byung-You

Solidarity in Practice by Women in the South and North for the Post-Division Era / Kim Elli

East-Asia and Korean Diaspora: From Community to Networks / Hyeon Mu-am

The June 15th Era as Historical Experiment / Yoo Jae-keon


Challenge Interview

What Are the Rewards of Korean Literature?: AConversation with Literary Critic Paik Nak-chung / Hwang Jong-Yon


Book Reviews

Mun Seong-hae, Soft-Shelled Turtle / Kim Ki-taek

Kim Hyeong-a, Park Chung-Hee’s Choice of a Double-Edged Sword / Park Myong-Kyu

H. M. Collins and T. J. Pinch, The Golem: What Everyone Should Know About Science / Hong Sungook

Baik Won Dam, The Korean Wave: East Asian Cultural Choice / Lee, Wook-yon

Jared M. Diamond, Collapse / Jang, Moon-seok

Micheline Ishay, The History of Human Rights / Ahn Kyong-Whan

Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Reinventing Japan / Park Yu-Ha

Ku Hyoseo, Where a Clock Used to Be Hung / So Young-hyun

Eduardo H. Galeano, Memory of Fire / Kim Yong-ho

Literary Coterie Kritika, Kritika #1 / Song Seong-Chul


Literary Criticism

Entirely Precious Shikoku: Hwang Byungsng’s Poems from the Perspective of Translation / Hwang Hieon-Sann

The Paradox of the Paul Auster Phenomenon / Yu Jung-wan


Article and On the Scene

A Project for Coexistence: Saemangeum and the Geumgang Basin / Kim Seok-Chul

The Possibility of East Asian History: The Committee for the Compilation of a Common History of Korea, China, and Japan / Narita Ryuuichi


Noteworthy Works of This Season

[Poetry] Our Kingdom in Shadow / Eum Kyoung-hee

[Fiction] From the Ethics of a Basement to the Imagination of a Star / Jung Hong-su


Bonus Book: Works by the Winners of the Fourth Daesan Literary Awards for College Students

[Poetry] Youth / Yi Ji-wu, Adolescence / Jeong Min-a

[Fiction] Smiling for Myself / Jeong Han-a

[Play] Double-Edged Sword / Kim Ji-hun

[Screenplay] Extreme Green / Yi Hanna

[Literary criticism] A Prisoner of a Video Panopticon / Im Tae-hun