Issue 150 / Winter 2010 / 150th Anniversary Issue



On Publishing the 150th Issue of Changbi / Baik Young Seo


Feature: For the Sake of Korean Literature in the 2010s

Vitality and Poverty: Some Thoughts on Korean Literature in the 2010s / Paik Nak-chung

“Boxes with the Sound of Their Own Making” and In Order To Progress Toward a Poetry in the 2010s / Kim Su-i

Ethics and Politics of Fiction in the 2000s / Lee Kyung-jae



How To Prepare for 2012 / Baik Seung-Hun, Sim Sang-Jeong, Lee In Young, Lee Nam Ju



Foot-and-Mouth Disease / Go Seong-man

Letter / Kim Kyudong

Cheerful Blue / Ra Hee Duk

All the Odd Sailors Who Came To Our Village / Seo Hyoin

At the Daegu Line Park / Eom Won-tae

What the Window Shines / Lee Sumyeong

New Shoes Sensation / Yi Hui-jung

Moon / Im Seong-yong

Sinking Again / Choi Seung-ja

Mayfly / Hwang Tong-gyu

Thirsty Last Days / Hwang Byungsng

Time for Six Wormholes / Kim Jae-geun



Flowery Days (Installment #4) / Gong Sun-ok

My Palpitating Life (Installment #3) / Kim Ae-ran

Special Feature: New Fiction Writers

Children in the Air / Kim Seong Joong

Haeman / Park Solmay

Art and the Acceleration of Gravity / Bae Myung-hoon

Flat! / Yi Ban-jang

First Love / Choi Jin Young

Seize the City Tour Bus! / Choi Minseok



A Worm Crawling Inside the Guts of a City / Cho Kwang-Hee


Literary Criticism

Conditions of a Commune: Suffering the Literature of Virtualism / Yun In-ro

Literary Focus

Traces and Trajectories of Ripples: Jang Seoknam’s Poems in Brightening the West on Your Cheeks / Choi Hyun-sik

Metaphor Quartet: Son Taek-su’s Poems in Rhetoric of the Tree / Yoo Sin

Imagined Memories, Taste of Emotions: Kwon Yeo-sun’s Selected Short Stories, Red Fruits in My Garden / So Young-hyun

Zombies Are Your Past Selves—Therefore, Welcome Them: Kim Junghyuk’s Novel Zombies / Huh Byung-Shik

Swallowing a Farming Village Raw: Yi Si-baek’s Selected Short Stories, Bastard Beans / Oh Chang-eun

Tongue of an Empiricist: Cho Kang-Sok’s Literary Criticism, An Empiricist’s Field of Vision / Hahm Do-kyoon


Articles and On the Scene

Evaluation of the Coalition Local Government Experiment: Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Governance Council / Im Geun-jae

Featured Series: Revisiting a Century of Korean History #4: The Violent Annexation of Korea and the Present / Cho Gyeong-dal (Trans. by Bak Gwang-hyeon)

Comments on Current Events: The ROKS Cheonan: the Conversation Topic of Our Times / Hwang Jun-ho


Book Reviews

Kim Dae-jung, The Autobiography of Kim Dae-jung / Hong Seuk-ryule

Michael Sandel, Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do? / Keum Tae Sup

Jeong Soo-il, Grassy Plain, the Silk Road / Jang Seok

Yu Hong-june, Yu Hong-june’s Lectures on Art History in Korea 1 / Cho Insoo

Kim Jung-wk, I Object: A Truthful Report on the Four Major Rivers Civil Engineering Project / Cho Hong-Sup

Oh Indong, Doctor’s Bag I Left in Pyongyang / Jeong Dosang

Chong Sung-Ill, Avid Reading on Desperation and Someday the World Will Become Movies / Kim Bong-seok


Announcement of the Winner of the 12th Baeksok Prize for Literature

Park Cheol, I’d Like To Make a Fire


Announcement of the Winner of the 4th Changbi Prize in the Novel

Hwang Si-un, Cold and Sharp Moon


Announcement of the Winner of the 2010 New Figures in Literature

[Poetry] Kim Jae-geun, “Time for Six Wormholes”

[Fiction] Choi Minseok, “Capture the City Tour Bus!”

[Literary criticism] Yun In-ro, “Conditions of a Commune: Suffering the Literature of Virtualism”