The Quarterly Changbi 188, Summer 2020



We Cannot Go Back—So Let’s Work For a Better Future / Paik Young-Gyung


Feature: What Is Our Literature Struggling With Now?

Kang Kyung-seok / Re-Organizing Revolution

Shin Sat-byul / Political Efficacy of a Narrative of Inequality: Toward a “Caring Democracy”

Cho Daehan / Poets Wrestling With Overlapping Worlds



Paik Nak-chung, Lim Hyung-taek, Jung Seung-Chul, Choi Kyeongbong / Modern Korean: Its Turbulent History and Promising Present



Lee Nam Ju, Im Jong-Seok / Road To Reactivating the Korean Peace Process: A Conversation with Former Blue House Chief of Staff Im Jong-Seok in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the June 15th South-North Joint Declaration

Kim Jong-yup / Candlelight Revolution, the 21st General Election, and the 1987 System

Kim Sora / Digital Sexual Assault: Approaching a Turning Point, Beyond Anger

Peter C. Baker / “We Can’t Go Back to Normal”: How Will the Coronavirus Change the World?


On the Scene

Kim Gwan-uk / The Call Center: A Boundary That Viruses Can Cross—But Human Rights Do Not

Choi Eun Kyung / Will the Current Pandemic Period Lead To a New Healthcare System?



Kang Sung-eun / A House Where I Live Alone

Kim Myeong-cheol / Would The Flower, Would the Cat,

Kim So-hyeong / Feeling Like You Can’t Live Unless You Die

Bak Gyeong-hui / Stepping Into the Shadow of the Mountain

Bak Eun-yeong / Would the Seagull Know?

Seong Dong-hyeok / Ballet

Shin Daechul / Roads Upon Roads

Sin Dong-ok / Erewhon

An Heon-mi / In Search of the First Apricot Bloom

Yi Hui-hyeong / Makchang

Jeong Jae-yul / A Blessed House

Jeong Jaehak / A Snail Bigger Than My Palm



Hwang Jung-eun / Diary


Focus on Author Baek Mu-san, On a Morning in These Pathetic Times

Hwang Gyu-gwan / Ten Books of Poetry, Ten Plateaus


Literary Focus

Baek Minsuk, Yang Kyung Eon, Yang Yun-eui / Noteworthy Books of This Season


Book Reviews

Kim Sung-Kyung / Chung Byung Ho, A Country of Suffering and Laughter

Kim Young Soon / Molly Michelmore, Tax and Spend: The Welfare State, Tax Politics, and the Limits of American Liberalism

Kim Do-kyun / Kim Myeongsoo, A Society Imprisoned in “My House”

Yoon Jikwan / Fredric Jameson, A Singular Modernity

Seo Bo Kyeong / Kim Young-ok et al, Bodies at 3 A.M.

Choi Hyungsub / David Quammen, Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

Jang Seokju / Ko Hyeong-ryeol, Zhuangzi: Essays

Kim Yeung-Ah / Naomi Alderman, The Power

Yang Jae-hun / Lee Sung-hyuk, The Poetic and the Political

Lee Hyun Il / Park Hye-Sook, Chinese Poetry Written by Koreans: A Genre-Based Approach

Yoo Im-ha / Kim Seong-su, North Korean Literature Revisited by Media


Announcement of the Winner of the 13th Changbi Prize in the Novel

Readers’ Voices