[Dialogue] Climate Crisis and Systemic Transformation / Kang Kyung-seok, Kim Sun-chul, Jeong Geon Hwa, Chae Hyo-jeong

The Quarterly Changbi 190, Winter 2020



“Dialogue” discusses various aspects of reality in our society under the topic “climate crisis and systemic transformation.” Kang Kyung-seok moderated this discussion about problems we are currently confronting, such as truth and falsehood in the Korean-style Green New Deal, the climate crisis and division system, and the problem of post-developmentalism and the appropriate level of development, doing so with Kim Sun-chul, Jeong Geon Hwa, Chae Hyo-jeong, who have long studied current ecological crises, including the climate crisis. It is a dialogue essential and helpful to us, where we can understand why the high awareness of the climate crisis in Korean society has not led to better individual practices, as well as exploring and imagining alternatives to the current situation, from different perspectives.