The Quarterly Changbi 192, Summer 2021



Beyond Both Flowery Rhetoric and Indifference / Hwang Jung-a


Feature: Imagining Transformation—Beyond Disaster and Isolation

Baik Ji-yeon / The Imagination of Care, Dreaming of Transforming Life: Focusing on the Novels of Hwang Jung-eun and Lee Ju-Hye

Kim Tae-seon / Listening Together to the Voices of the Pandemic Era

Jung Ju-a / Fiction in the Era of First-Person Narratives



Kim Yuwha, Lee Kwan Hu, Lee Nam Ju, Jung Jun-Ho / Extinction of the Countryside—In Search of Its Alternatives



Jeon Gang Su / The Road to a Society in Which Sweat Is Respected Instead of a “Real Estate Republic”

Choi Yong Sub / Plans to Vitalize South-North Economic Cooperation Through the Establishment of a B2B Platform: A New Mode of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation

Nancy Fraser / American Interregnum (Translated by Lee Jong-Im)


On the Scene

Jang Jun Young / Is a Single Myanmar Possible? —The Present and Future of the Recent Military Coup

Heo Young-Sun / In the Land of Bloody Memories: The Presentness of the Jeju April 3rd Uprising



Kang Duk Hwan / A Toothed Wheel Is Not Arrested

Kim Sono / Sealed Grass

Kim Hyesoon / Somatic Cell Cloning Embryo

Do Jong Hwan / Leaving a Port

Son Youmi / Gather Together, All Things Shaped Like the Sun!

Yoo I Woo / Streetlight

Yook Geun-sang / Buckwheat Flower

Lee Gi Ri / Block Flower

Lee Dae Hume / A Courtesy Call

Lee Yeong-gwang / Like Nature

Lee Jeong Hoon / The Auditory Ossicles

Im Seung Yu / Jongmyo Shrine

Jin Eun-young / A Red Four-Leaf Clover Field



Choi Eunmi / Face to Face (Installment #2)

Kim Yuna / Lat Pulldown

Kim Yu-dam / Ahn

Cho Kap-sang / A Day in Hyeonsu’s Life

Pyun Hye Young / Bath


Focus on Author Kim Jung-mi, To Be Together

Lee Jung-suk / Solidarity of Sensibilities for the Weak


Literary Focus

Kim Jeong-a, Seonu Eunsil, Shin Cheolgyu / Noteworthy Books of This Season



Lim Jin-taek / The Life of Paik Ki-whan, a Revolutionary

Yom Mu-woong / In Memory of Mr. Chae Hyun Gook, a Free Man


Book Reviews

Kim Gwi Ok / Kim Taewoo, Witches of the Cold War

Cho Seong-hwan / Lee E-Hwa, Lee E-Hwa’s History of the Donghak Peasant Revolution

Park In-kyu / Kim Joon-Hyung, The Paradox of an Eternal Partnership

Jung Wooksik / Andrew Feinstein, The Shadow World

Kim Seong Joong / Jessica Bruder, Nomadland

Lee Ju-Hye / Samantha Schweblin, Fever Dream

Choi Eun Kyung / Bruno Latour, Where to Land?

Yi Seung-won / Michael Walzer, Political Action

Daduregi / Kim Hyun Mee, Feminist Life-Style

Choi Haeree / Han Young Hae, Korean Residents in Japan and Korean National Dance


New Books by Changbi

Readers’ Voices