The Quarterly Changbi 180, Summer 2018



Life After the Division System―Achieving the Commons / Paik Young-Gyung


Feature_Literature, the Commons

Literariness and the Commons / Hwang Jung-a

Feminism, Public Life, and Literature / Baik Ji-yeon

For the Criticism of Common-Affecting Events: Literature as the Commons and the Question of Criticism / Choi Jin-seok



Our Mutual Mother / Gil Sang-ho

Dunhuang Is at the End of Allies, Too / Noh Hyang-rim

A Deer / Park Shi-ha

The Capital Area Is Under the Watch of Gust Wind / Seo Hyo-in

The House on the Trees / Sung Mi-jeong

A Water-Bus Station / Shin Young-bae

This Apple Isn’t Here / Lee Young-jae

Whose Rabbit Horn / Lee Jang-wook

Thorn Mesh / Lee Hae-jon

Devoured by Hunger / Jung Wu-young

Ducks’ Chorus / Ju Min-hyun

Yes, / Hwang Hye-kyung



My Neighbors / Kim Hye-jin

A Remote Place / Jang Eun-jin

Light from Anywhere / Jung Ji-don

A Week (Installment #2) / Kim Ryeo-ryeong



Now We Need to Educate the Future Generation on Feminism / Kim Ko Yun-ju, Kim Su-hwa, Kim Jieun, Choi Hyun-hee



Panmunjeom in Flux and Parallel Advances to Peace / Lee Jung-chul


On the Scene

Time to Talk about an Elephant: April 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Viewed from a Distance / Lee Hyangkue

A Community of Circulation and Symbiosis of Food Base: the Case of Okcheon / Kim Kwang-nam, Hwang Min-ho


Focus on Authors _ Ahn Jae-sung Nobody Remembers (A Novel)

That Every War Is Bad… / Kim Hae-ja


Literary Criticism

A Journey towards Freedom, Revolution, and Love: the Poetic Works of Kim Soo-young / Hwang Kyoo-kwan

Kasa, Communication, and Public Opinion / Boudewijn Walraven

Imagining Violence: ‘The Power’ of Feminist Fantasy / Elaine Showalter


Literary Focus

Noteworthy Books for the Season / Shin Sat-byul, Kim Jong-hoon, Choi Jin-young


Book Reviews

Lee Woo-sung & Im Hyung-tack ed, The Collection of Short Stories of Lee Dynasty in Chinese Characters / Song Sok-ze

Sinami Gyoske’s Cows and Soil / Kim Gom-chi

Jung Seung-chul’s The Discovery of Dialects / Jung Hong-su

Norma Field’s A Critical Biography of Takiji Kobayashi / Kim Kyung-won

SNU Human Rights Center’s Taken, Abandoned, but Standing in Front of Us / Yu Hyun-mi

Roxane Gay’s Hunger / Lee Jung-sook

Kim Tae-ho ed. Beyond the Myth of ‘Science President Park Jung-hee / Kim Ki-hong

Eka Kurniawan’s Man Tiger / In A-young